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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by rgarr, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. rgarr

    rgarr Senior moments member

    What is the Best Safety Razor for a Beginner who wants to be able to adjust the razor from 1-9 and what setting would you start out at so you wouldn't get any nicks and cuts?

    Also, I'm looking for one that you can shave fairly fast with...my wife complains that I take too long to shave.

    What are the best and safest razor blades that I can get where I can get several shaves out of each blade? For my age I'm embarrassed to say that I never learned the correct way to shave...I've always shaved against the grain to get a closer shave with a Gillette Razor using the sensor ultra and I usually end up nicking myself!

    Are there any Tutorials for someone like me on the proper way to shave and what to shave first...second...and last...and what kind of strokes to use...like downward strokes with the grain etc.?

    I've heard about the Fatboy and a Superspeed Gillete...don't know which models though!

    I appreciate all your help!
  2. AdrianR

    AdrianR New Member

    Well, not getting nicks and cuts is only partly due to the choice of razor and blade - it also depends on the quality of your preparation, your choice of soap/cream and, most importantly, your technique.

    A Gillette Slim Adjustable, set at #3, with a fresh sharp blade - such as a Personna or Derby - good, hot water prep and a slick soap should give you a close shave with minimal irritation.

    Look out for the video tutorials on YouTube by mantic59 as they are well worth watching for an intro into good technique.
  3. boyextraordinare

    boyextraordinare New Member

    Check out Mantic's videos on how to shave - http://twitter.com/mantic59

    Gillette Swedes are known for their being long-lasting. At the end of the day, though, DE blades are so inexpensive longevity isn't an issue. BICs and Astras are more fairly-priced and perform very admirably.

    If you want an adjustable DE razor, then buy one and dial 1 or 2 for your first shaves.

    Hope this helps...
  4. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    Sir,theres good options out there.If you want vintage razors a winner is a 40s style Super Speed or a english Rocket.(this is harder to get).Latest models of Super Speeds are good too.Another good option is an english Tech(a 3 piece razor kind of mild shaver) and more avaible than the Rockets.
    If you want a new razor Merkur has really good ones too.The Merkur 34C HD is possibily the most famous one,but theres always good options like the Merkur 33C(3 piece razor) or with longer handle like the Merkur 38C(same head that the Merkur 34C but with a longer handle) or the 25C(same head that a 33C but longer handle too)
    Edwin and Jagger makes the DE89L which is another great cool razor.
    So,as you see,you have a lot where to choose.Hope you find the right one for you,but this is may take a few razors to buy and try before you get your fav, one.
    Also think about trying SE shaving.A good old GEM or Ever Ready works like a charm and for me are a little bit better than DE razors.
    Hope all this helps.
  5. Dridecker

    Dridecker Sherlock

    Just remember, shaving with a D/E is about whisker reduction. Each pass will progressively remove more whiskers, if you try to hurry and put too much pressure on the razor to "speed up" the process, it will be painful at the end. You will experience razor burn and possibly ingrown hairs.
  6. Gelf Lover

    Gelf Lover Member

    +1 You can have rather "quick" shaves once you have a good razor and blade combo. I shave often with a fat handled tech and Gillette Sharp Edge blades and can do a 2 pass in about 10 mins or less. But if I try with a more aggressive razor it does tend to slow me down since I need to focus more on technique. But it's not the shaves that I enjoy the most with this hobby it's the zen of the shave.
  7. Dridecker

    Dridecker Sherlock

    For your adjustable razors here are pictures of them. There is also the Gillette Toggle and 195 Adjustable, but they carry a hefty price tag.

    Gillette Fatboy
    Gillette Slim Adjustable
    Gillette Super Adjustable .... There was also a short handle model, and some had plastic base plates.
    Merkur Progress
    Merkur Futur
    Merkur Vision
  8. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    There is no DE razor that is quicker or less likely to cut you than a cartridge razor. No "style", but a great shave. BBS every day.

    I draw the line at 3 blades though. :D

    If you insist on a DE, try the Super Adjustable (1-9). SuperSpeeds are overrated.
  9. Teiste

    Teiste New Member

    WOW Michael,thats a pretty big statement.Maybe you dont like them(and thats fine, of course) but saying that theryre overrated is just too much,sorry to say.Theyre good razors and for many a good option to shave with.
  10. Michael

    Michael Duke of Kent

    Could be. I tried and tried (I have 3 of them) and I just cannot get a decent shave with any of them. Many seem to like them... but I don't.
  11. freddy88

    freddy88 Member

    +1, Teiste. So much of this site is based on Your Mileage May Vary. I have a late 40's SS and it is one of my favorite razors. However, rgarr was specifically asking about adjustable DE razors.

    Also, I might ask if there isn't some way that the man cannot meet his wife half way by getting up a bit earlier if he is a morning shaver or, if he shaves in the evening, do it at a different time when there won't be a conflict.

    To me, the whole point of wet shaving in general is to turn a chore into a pleasure.

    Good luck to you, sir. ;)
  12. UnklGus

    UnklGus Member

    I have been shaving with DE razor for about 2 months now. I already have a fairly large assortment of DE razors. In my experience, my merkur 38c is one of my favorites. My only adjustable is a Gillette Super Adjustable. Both shave very well for me. MY Black tip SS works very well too. Take our time, apply little to no pressure and you will be fine with most any razor you choose. I would also advise you to watch Mantic's Video's on youtube if you have not already.

    My first DE razor was a Gillette ball tip Tech. Works very well and probably my least agressive razor in my den.

    As for Blades, you jsut have to try some. I have found that the Feather work the best for me. They can sometimes have the reputation if a very sharp blade, and don't get me wrong, they are sharp ( I don't want to talk about it.) but don't let that hype scare you off. Get a Blade sampler and try some out.


    Welcome the TSD!
  13. rgarr

    rgarr Senior moments member

    Thank you ALL very much for every bit of good advice you have given me and thank you Dridecker for the pictures...fantastic! If you were picking one of the razors that you pictured which one would you pick if you were me and it was your first safety razor? I value your opinion my friend!
  14. Dridecker

    Dridecker Sherlock

    Before I answer that question let me ask you some to make sure I understand you correctly.

    Are you only looking to speed up your shave times?

    This one is important, because as Michael said, there is no D/E razor that is quicker or less likely to cut you than a cartridge razor. As a matter of fact, a D/E is more likely to cause a nick. Thats because most multi-blade carts actually have the blades recessed a small amount and you have to press down to use them. A D/E has a portion of the blade exposed and they can bite you quickly.

    If speed is what you are looking for, go with a Mach 3 and canned goo. Go one pass with the grain first then one against and you should be good. A good D/E shave should be a relaxing "my time" kind of thing, we try to turn a chore into something that we enjoy and look forward to.

    Have you ever used any D/E before?
  15. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    As it has already been pointed out, if you want speed, keep using an electric or a cartridge. If you want a more enjoyable shave with less skin irritation, then go for a safety razor. However, this is not about speed and you will spend longer shaving, plain and simple, end of story...

    Because everyone has a different skin/beard combination, there isn't any one blade that will work as well for everyone. There also isn't one razor that will work for everyone either. If you decide to pick up a DE, I would suggest you pick up a sample pack from one of the many online vendors. Then you can try different blades yourself.
  16. beyboo

    beyboo New Member

    The gentleman is asking for an adjustable, I think its already comprehensively answered.

    My take - medium priced - fatboy for short handles and slim for long handles. Set it at 2-3 with a good blade like a 7 o'clock yellow or green permasharp or the more preferred derby's / astras and u r good to go..

    u like it and got more juice - move up to a vision / futur !!

    The Merkur HDs, Superspeeds will come by virtue of a disease inflicted in these forums called the RAD virus. IT will infect and make ur think so lopsided that u will want to buy every razor just because some ppl love it so much and also because some ppl hate it so much !!!

    u r warned my friend - let the journey begin !! :D
  17. fozz77

    fozz77 New Member

    The only adjustable i have used is the Merkur Vision. I would not recommend this as a first DE razor as the head is bigger than normal & can take some manouvering around the trickier parts. It is a good razor though.

    I cannot speak for Gillettes so i recommend the Merkur HD.

    The DE world is not the place to be if you are looking at reducing your shave time. Unless perhaps you are coming from the straight world.

    Good luck man.
  18. rgarr

    rgarr Senior moments member

    I've never used a D/E before and I appreciate the explanation on the speed of the shave. I'm like you in that I enjoy taking my time and enjoying the comfort of the shave process. It's just my wife that ' thinks ' I take too long to shave. Anyway, given all of what I just said which of those razors would you advise me to to buy...it being my first one. Also, I defer to you on which blades to buy as my first ones. I truly appreciate your answers my friend!
  19. Gelf Lover

    Gelf Lover Member

    Since a blade performance varies so much from person to person is it much better to recommend getting a sample pack from one of the various vendors such as West Coast Shaving, Connaught Shaving, or Shoebox Shave Shop to try many different blades until you find one that works well for you.
  20. jbcohen

    jbcohen New Member

    I typically recommend a derby extra for a new wet shaver.

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