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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Pilotcld, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Pilotcld

    Pilotcld Well-Known Member

    I'm just curious, since I never hear much about them? I know YMMV, but am I the only one who gets really nice shaves with Wilkinson Swords?
    Same question for Gillette Silver Blue?

    Also, still quite a noob. What's the difference between the Gillette Silver Blue's and all the different 7 o'clock?

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    SHAVEWIZARD420 Well-Known Member

    Wilkinson Sword blades work quite well, both European and the India ones.

    The Wilkinson Sword Classic razor is perhaps the best inexpensive razor ($9 shipped) shaves well without being aggressive. Wish I had tried one a long time ago.

    As far as Silver Blue blades and 7oclock they are all different blades. Many people prefer the Yellows, but the black and green 7oclock blades work well for me. Each person is different when it comes to blade preferences.

    The best advice is go to tryablade.com and get a nice variety, this way you are not stuck with a whole tuck of blades you don't like, since you can buy just one of each brand of blades and see what ones you prefer.
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  3. GarnerPW

    GarnerPW Well-Known Member

    When I tried them I didn't care for them. I like the Derby blades. Now I know there are some people that will want to string me up for my love of Derby blades but my point is what ever works for you.

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  4. '65 G-Slim

    '65 G-Slim Well-Known Member

    GSB outperforms Wilkinsons for me.
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  5. Pilotcld

    Pilotcld Well-Known Member

    Me too, I just ran out of GSB and wilkinson are next. When I'm done with these I'm moving into my Voshkod/Sputnik/etc PIF that I was lucky enough to win!

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  6. Pilotcld

    Pilotcld Well-Known Member

    I'll check that website out at some point :) I was lucky enough to win the summer Spring PIF, so I'll be set for a while after I run out of my Wilkinson Tuck :). Unless the Russians don't do well for me. My brother in law loves his Voshkods, so I'm pretty sure I'll be good for a while :)

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  7. americanshamrock

    americanshamrock Let's Make a Deal! Staff Member

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  8. John Beeman

    John Beeman Well-Known Member

    I get very good shaves from the Indian Wilkinson Sword blades and I get acceptable shaves from the European version.
    The Indian Wilkys are also very affordable by the 100.
    GSB's are very popular and many speak well of them. As for the 7 O'clock Gillettes, I'm a huge fan of the black ones.
  9. Mr. Oldschool

    Mr. Oldschool Johnny Dangerously

    When I use Safety Razors, I've tried Wilkinson blades, but I didn't really find them to be all that for me. After some experimentation I decided I liked Astra's the best. I don't use the DE's that much, preferring straights, but if I'm in a hurry that's what I use.
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  10. Pilotcld

    Pilotcld Well-Known Member

    That's exactly the same scenario I use them in. Gotta have a quick shave and that's what I do

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  11. '65 G-Slim

    '65 G-Slim Well-Known Member

    I like both the Voskhod & Sputnik. got like 100 rounds of each.
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  12. RetLEO-07

    RetLEO-07 likes his penguin deep fried, with pink sparkles

    Wilkinson Sword from Germany were my first blade as the VDH safety razor was my first razor before I moved on to the EJ DE89BL.
    I decided to revisit this combo this week. Now I remember why I moved on.
    I use GSB's in my NEW SC.
    I use Shark Super Chrome in my DE89BL.
    I use Voskhods in my SA-109.
    Starting Sunday I'll be auditioning blades for my newest acquisition, a '52 Super Speed Black Tip.
    Derby's, Astra's and Feather's didn't work for me.
    Good luck finding the blade for you(I think you'll like the Voskies)
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  13. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    I have had some wilkys, they were ok by me. I normally run about 3 and done, sometimes 4. So they lived through my shaves pretty well.
    I prefer persona or astra sp(i tried a tuck of ss, they were nice also) . Ladas are another favorite for me.
    Voschod and feather seem to fade on the third shave for me.
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  14. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    I get good shaves with Wilkies. I am using one this week.
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  15. HiPowerRon

    HiPowerRon New Member

    German Wilkinsons work very well for me. I purchased a hundred and they are in my rotation.
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  16. Pilotcld

    Pilotcld Well-Known Member

    After reading everyone's comments and getting a few more shaves off the one blade I'm noticing a little bit more tugging with each shave, but still get a pretty close cut :)

    A new question for everyone. I heard of a good number of people who hand-strop their DE razors after or prior to a shave. I've tried it a few times but I'm just curious if anyone notices a difference when doing this vs not?

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  17. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Which ever ones Wal mart use to sale always worked well for me.
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  18. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Friends don't let friends play with DE blades. Just say no.
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  19. GarnerPW

    GarnerPW Well-Known Member

    Never owned a strop until I bought my first straight

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  20. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    I've been using the wilkie blades for years and love them . At first l think they were made in England but now are made in Germany and india .
    The German made ones work best for me. I'd say the Astra sp blades are a bit sharper. The Astra work great in my Gillette adjustables but the Wilkie's are fantastic in my Weber ph

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