by Will at 4:50 PM
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The Shave Den would like to announce a special event.

29 Jun 07 is Pirate Day.

During this special event a Shower or Shave Thread will be opened for that day and that day only. It will be for use of Bay Rum Products in support of Diabetes Awareness, Diabetic Retinopathy, and our own Queens fight.

Please show us you support. This is for JoAnna so be creative and make her proud.

I, along with everyone on staff wish her the best, a speedy recovery, and good luck, Discussion thread can be seen here.

Thank you,
TSD Mod Staff
by sparky5693 at 9:28 PM
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We have a new section called "The Medicine Cabinet". In this section you can list your current inventories. We felt this would be helpful in sharing what you have on hand with other members. It should make trading easier, or even looking for a member that has something you've been wanting to try and asking a second opinion. I added a link to mine in my signature for ease of use, but that is up to you.