by msandoval858 at 3:52 PM
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We would like extend a special opporunity to our forum members to participate in our first vendor interview event. This will be a Q&A with owner of Enchante (Austin, TX) and creator of Roberts Method Wet Shaving (aka Method Shaving), Mr. Charles A. Roberts.

Charles has graciously offered his time to contribute to our forum and answer some of your questions about shaving. He has extensive knowlege in the history and practice of wetshaving in general as well as the development and evolution of his own Hydrolast shaving system. He is a retailer of brands such as Geo F. Trumper, Tayor of Old Bond Street, D.R. Harris, and many other fine products.

All Shave Den members are invited to submit questions directly to me over the next week. Please sent your questions to me via private message and I will compile and pass them along to Charles. The full Q&A will be posted once he has had a chance to review and respond to your questions. Please be aware that depending on the number of questions we recieve, we may not be able to get every question answered, but will definately do our best. The deadline to submit your question will be Friday June 15th. If you have anything on your mind get it over to me and take advantage of this chance to participate in our first vendor interview event!

Thank you,
by sparky5693 at 10:49 PM
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Just pointing out our newest review section. It's a great place to let others know the best places to go when filling your "shave den".
We also have given the individual sections a visual overhaul, and added the ability to browse each section by letter for easier viewing.

I also want to remind all of you, if you change your mind about a product or vendor, the review section WILL allow you to change your reviews indefinitely.