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Here's your chance to help support TSD, and feed your ADs!

It's simple:
1. Go to the TSD Donation page here.
2. Change the quantity to 5 for each ticket you'd like to purchase.
3. Then pay!

Simple as that. $5.00 to enter this raffle!
"May I enter more than once?" Of course! Just purchase a quantity that equals $5.00 per entry! So if you want to buy 2 raffle "tickets", then change the quantity to 10 and pay the $10.00! Want 3 raffle "tickets"? Change the quantity to 15 and pay the $15.00! And so on...

This is open to our international members too!

The deadline for entries is midnight EST Friday, February 12th.

Winners choose which prize they want, in the order their number is drawn.

1. an Old Spice mug
Thanks @John Beeman

2. a Gillette black handled SuperSpeed razor
Thanks @John Beeman

3. a Wade & Butcher "Congress", shave ready, (restored by our own gssixgun)
Thanks @entropy1049

4. a Joseph Rogers, shave ready, (restored and rescaled in desert ironwood)
Thanks @entropy1049

5. Vintage English Leather Lime Aftershave

6. Vintage Wind Drift Aftershave by English Leather

7, 8, 9, 10. Cigar box full of a variety of shaving goodies

11. a Bunny razor (V3)
Thanks @twhite

12. a Gem OCMM with a Bakelite case
thanks @Dzia Dzia

13. a Schick model G
thanks @Dzia Dzia

14. A Jayaruh Shaving Brush #44
Thanks @Jayaruh

15. a CJB shavette and box of Feather Pro blades
Thanks @Keithmax

16 & 17. 2 tubs of Eli's Extract Shaving Cream
Thanks @baldone

18. one Drygulch Leatherworks 2.5 inch wide Barber's Strop with Latigo
Thanks @Drygulch

19. a gillette flair tip
Thanks @gmaugie007

20. a Schick Krona
Thanks @Omaney

Full thread and entries here.
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Secret Santa 2015!

The dice are cast.
And so the waiting game begins...

The suspense, the suspense...


Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or Christmas, it is fast approaching that time of year when gifts are exchanged, and this is a great way for TSD members to join in the gift giving spirit!

Want to join in on the festivities? Then send me a PM with your name and address, and using the ever popular Randomizer, I will assign people to each other for the gift giving.

The fun is open to all of our forum members from across the globe*, and to join, we do ask that you have a minimum of 25 posts.

The only person not eligible will be me, since it wouldn't be fair if I knew who my Secret Santa was. :)

Deadline for sign up runs through November 15th, and within 24 hours I'll get names sent out to both you and your Secret Santa!

Being a shaving forum, the idea of course is to give and receive shaving related gifts, with a minimum of $25.00 USD before shipping costs.

After you sign up, head on over to the 2015 Holiday Wish List thread, and drop some hints to give your Secret Santa a little help.

* If international shipping will be a problem, let me know and I'll try to work it out as best I can.

participating Secret Santas:

JR Reyes
Mr. Shaverman
Ryan B
Douglas Carey
John Beeman
Bama Samurai