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Aug 1, 2022
    1. Stroker
      Hey 'Hawk! Sounds like you have caught the bug! All of those frags are great! The only one of them that I don't have is the Florida Water. The wilds of Oregon are great actually. I love it here in the Pacific Northwest. I think I was born 100 years too late and should have been one of those mountain men of days gone by. :laugh042 I have a little sheep ranch and live right on the Applegate River with rainbow trout and steelhead. (salmon spawn here in the fall as well) Toronto is a large city! I hope you have a great vacation with your DW and enjoy the beautiful NE lake countryside. I have not seen it personally but have seen movies of the NE and upstate New York area. It is beautiful! The NE has a lot of deciduous trees in their forest where the PNW has mainly conifers. Hope you catch a lot of fish if that is your aim but mainly enjoy your time together with the DW around a nice campfire at night. Take care my friend and enjoy! :happy005 Bruce
    2. Stroker
      Hay 'Hawk! :cool: I haven't ordered any shaving lotions in a while (I got a bad case of ASAD and have a bunch, also, I have been aflicted by the SRAD and have spent all (well, a lot) of my retirement money) on straight razors and getting them re-scaled, refurbished etc. as of late. I will be ordering some Draggon Noir and some other Pinaud stuff pretty soon. I used up all of the Draggon Noir that I had and I really like that stuff! :D I found the Malizia on Amizon.com and it looks like I can get it from there. I'm pretty limited to ordering on line as I live in the wilderness of Oregon and about all you can find here is Williams Mug soap and AV (which is, thankfully, good stuff! IMHO). Great to make friends and have the opportunity to communicate a little more than on the SOTD thread. I noticed that we shared some common interests and I have become a dedicated straight shaver of late which I see you are as well. Take care 'Hawk and keep in touch! :D
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