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Mar 19, 2014
Nov 18, 2007
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5,300 feet, 45th parallel, s.w. MT
Freelance flyfisherman

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Rocket Man, from 5,300 feet, 45th parallel, s.w. MT

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Mar 19, 2014
    1. duffarmy
      I've noticed you have had lots of injectors for sale here and there. Just wondering if you had a schick adjustable? I have looked everywhere for one. I have a on great shape Gillette fatboy in the case if like to trade for one. Thanks.
    2. Merkur Me
      Merkur Me
      Hey Rocket Man, Reading with great interest your post: Gillette Rocket, the refined DE. One thing you didn't mention, how do these shavers function? Are they anywhere near as awesome as they LOOK? I have my Merkur alone to compare it to, and am waiting to acquire my first Rocket. Cheers-
    3. Mr. moustache
      Mr. moustache
      how many Schick injector razors do you have foe sale?
      I have recently lost my model m and had bought a bunch of injector blade cartriges
    4. Dr. Mike
      Dr. Mike
      Holy crap! I almost lost it when I saw your new avatar! I haven't had that good of a laugh in a while!
    5. JimR
      Holy Cow...Your new that who I think it is?
      I KNEW I couldn't be the only one who tried to track him down...
    6. hoglahoo
      good morning
    7. MTgrayling
      "There are several ways to kill a zombie, but the most satisfying one is to stab it in the brain with a wooden stick." Dwight Schrute
    8. MTgrayling
      Ever wonder how we got to the point where we have to bailout billionaires? The comic book in the link below has the answers.

      "Those whom history has judged as great often came from less and strived for more than wealth. High compensation doesn’t attract the very best. It attracts the greediest." Nate Baumgart

      “I view a gilded age as an age in which warning flags are flying and are seen by very few people,” he said, referring to the potential for a Wall Street firm to fail or markets to crash in a world of too much deregulation. “I think this is a time of great prosperity and a time of great danger.” Arthur Levitt Jr. July 15, 2007

      "I am proud to be an American. But if the tax became too high, as a matter of principle I would not be working this hard.” Kenneth C. Griffin multi-billionaire
    9. MTgrayling
      MANITOWOC, Wis. - "A 36-year-old man took revenge on his roommate after she refused to have sex with him by allegedly urinating on her dog, police said. Police said the man was arrested early Thursday morning on tentative charges of criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct related to domestic violence.

      According to police reports, the man was drunk when he argued with the woman. After she resisted his advances the man went to the basement where he urinated on her dog and the floor."

      Man I'll never live this one down!
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    5,300 feet, 45th parallel, s.w. MT
    Freelance flyfisherman
    Flyfishing, Salmonids and the river systems they inhabit and Absinthe