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    1. jimmyfingers
      Yeah man your in the real south. I know of Tifton because of bermuda sod for the golf course.
    2. jimmyfingers
      Hey man I see that you live in Ga. I live about 30 minutes south of Atl. I read on one of the sites that a guy could never get a lather down in on of the southern states because of the water not being good. How far away are you from Atl? and Have you ever had any probs with the water not making a good lather. Finally, it okay to tell me Im just thinking about this too much since I havnt received my products yets
    3. boyextraordinare
      Ya PM me the URL or whatnot. I have a few sticks but if they have other shave-related products, I'll certainly look into those.

      I've a whole mishmash of Eastern products coming in soon, Arko tubes included, so I'm not that hungry ATM.

      Like you, once I'm done with everything, which will take a good while, I'm going to reduce to a simple setup. One brush, one or two soaps, etc. What I have now - acquired from the need to acquire when I first started - is just overkill.
    4. boyextraordinare
      It's nice to hear you're enjoying your Arko Stick; it's among my favorite shaving products.

      The fragrance is excellent IMO, but smells nothing like the Ivory I own.

      On the flipside, the Ivory I own smells nearly akin to Williams SS, which I now suddenly love.
    5. boyextraordinare
      How is Brut's AS?

      I like its scent, never tried it.

      I've noticed it has menthol in it. Strong kick or subtle?
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