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Dec 31, 2021
    1. William Shephard
      William Shephard
      FYI pedro99 is trying to scam me in a purchase. We agreed to a price I sent it , then he requested way more for shipping than was needed or agreed to I sent it then after everything was finalized he wants more money. I have asked for a immediate refund and his response was "just think about it"
    2. Pain
      Thanks for accepting .
    3. nikos
      Thank you for having me here. Greetings from Greece
    4. Greg Jett
      Greg Jett
      Hi I’m Greg I’m very new to this forum. I’m trying to get some info on a straight razor I found. It is a very clean George Wostenholm & son sole manufacturer of the original & true razor . Sheffield England. With ivory handle. It’s in very good condition with box. Any info on age and value would be great thanks.
    5. ghost_shaver
      Hi sparky5693! Sorry for long answer. I didn’t time for it. Thank you very much for the welcome! I will write in welcome thread a little later. I hope for a good attitude towards me. English is not my native language :-)
    6. Sean Mullany
      Sean Mullany
      Hey sparky5693. Thanks for the welcome. It looks like the store you referenced in your email message has been closed for good. Is that the case? Sean M.
    7. Shekky
      Thank you.
    8. Codfish
      I like the refined quality of this community, and plan to be more active here. I'm spending time today exploring the site and learning the posting, editing and communications functions. You will see me here daily from now on. Great looking site, too.
    9. hoglahoo
      looking good. I'm impressed with the simple look of the site. no need to reply
    10. drmoss_ca
      Thanks, he hasn't tried us yet, but is sure to do so when he runs out of other sites! You're out of PM space so I thought I would reply here.

    11. Padron
      Wow! So this it what it looks like behind the scenes in the Masters Den :D You've got good taste in friends ;)
    12. sparky5693
      That's not really a lie though. You've taught the computer the lie is the truth. The computer is just stuck with improper information
      1. Mike-R41 likes this.
    13. Sejanus
      Depends.. you can program them to lie.
    14. sparky5693
      Computers never lie. :(
    15. Sejanus
      Your computer says you have friends. It LIES. :D
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