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Jun 13, 2009
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May 9, 1962 (Age: 62)
Cherry Hill, NJ
Business admin - God is still on the throne!

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"It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©, Male, 62, from Cherry Hill, NJ

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    1. Queen of Blades
    2. mdpmedia

      I can't seem to attach multiple photos to a Shave Den private conversation I have about restoring SRs. Please tell the steps and icons to click on to get this done.

      Thanks in advance.,
      1. neiasden
        I can't seem to private message anybody some of them have a link to start a conversation some don't?
        Sep 28, 2022
    3. Marc Bagwell
      Marc Bagwell
      Hi Steve, just wanted to say that I've really appreciated your help in getting started. Thanks, pard
    4. markjnewcomb
      Thanks for the tips - I will try it.
      1. swarden43 likes this.
    5. Kilgore Trout
      Kilgore Trout
      I posted a picture of a razor handle produced by a friend. A few members have expressed interest. Would it be proper forum decorum to give them and/or post a link. I don't want to seem like I am selling these razors for profit or practicing fanboyism. Thanks.
      1. waffen likes this.
    6. Omelmad
      Hey, whats conus? It says so in the marketplace forum.
      1. Timothy Griscom
        Timothy Griscom
        Continental United States I.e. Lower 48, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico.
        Dec 1, 2014
    7. Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze
      For some reason my flea mkt post posted to shave school instead of general. I tried to delete it from there as I reposted it where it belongs, general.
      Can you perhaps delete the post in shave school?
    8. BIllyBowlegs
      sry about that Swarden. My mistake
    9. Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze
      Good evening,
      My post in classifieds "WTT CAO Cigars" is done.
      Can you please close for me Sir?
      Thank You
    10. Alfred Newman
      Alfred Newman
      thank you very much, I won't make the same mistake again
    11. Alfred Newman
      Alfred Newman
      sorry but I forgot to ask is my ads still online?
    12. Alfred Newman
      Alfred Newman
      thanks very much for your help today it's truly appreciated… Al
    13. Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze
      Im good to post in classifieds today, correct? Im dying to post a WTT.
    14. Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze
      Thank you, I didnt know if I had to wait until the winner claimed his pif before I asked you to close it or not.
      That was fun though, I wish I had 20 packs, I would have sent everyone one.
    15. HolyRollah
      Steve, my classified ad has been completed (all items are now sold). Can you please label it 'sold' or lock it, or however the admins tidy up the classifieds?
      Muchas gracias, amigo, and His Blessings to you & yours!
      — Kevin
    16. cj.
      would you please tell me why some new members get asked to join rhe newbe give away and some dont
    17. Hank
      Steve do send me a pm
    18. StevenML
      Thank you, Steve, for the information.
    19. StevenML
      Hi Steve, I've got a question concerning the forum. How can I put my e-mail-preferences in a way that I don't obtain any messages from TSD? I would like to check the forum once or twice a day (without getting a message for every single post reply). thanks in advance. Steffen
    20. haydn
      thank you for what u said about growing my mustache
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    May 9, 1962 (Age: 62)
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    Business admin - God is still on the throne!
    Pastor, football fan first, NE Patriots fan second, married 42 years, 2 kids, 2 grandkids.

    I accumulate shave stuff, fountain pens, pocket knives and I home roast my own coffee.


    Take care & God bless,
    :eatdrink013: Steve

    TSgt, USAF Ret
    1980-2000 Avionics Technician

    "A Handlebar Moustache is indeed a glorious facial hair feature. Whether it stands alone or crowns some other form of facial hair, the glory comes from it being a 'Handlebar' and not simply an ordinary moustache." - unknown
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