1940's Gillette tech razor set question

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    Picked up this razor set at a sale and have narrowed it down to the 40's but have been unable to get it any closer to a date. The blades are unopened (see pics) and the only markings are "pat.nos.on package" "reg.us patof?" gillette in triangle " madeinusa. on the blade holder. No markings on the handle which is non-magnetic. The plastic case has Gillette in triangle on top. Hope the pictures help Thanks Any info would be appreciated.

    100_0342-1.jpg 100_0342-1.jpg 100_0343-1.jpg 100_0342-1.jpg 100_0343-1.jpg 100_0344-1.jpg 100_0345-1.jpg 100_0346-1.jpg 100_0348-1.jpg
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    World War 2 Contract Tech, good shaver. Nice set...........
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    That is a military issue 3pc tech razor set during WWII. That case was never used with civilian issued tech razors period in the US. The ones made during the war and sold in 1946 from leftover war production parts are the only techs between 38 - 60ish that are not made out of brass. A magnet should stick to the metal parts. If it doesn't you can test it by smacking your fingernail on it. It should sound and feel different from a known brass piece. They switched over from the triangle lather channel base plates on military issued razors in 44 though they may have used both in 45, civilian issued razors they persisted until 47 and if IIRC the contract tech style handles were introduced in either 43 or 44. If those blades are correct to the set they should have a date code between N and P on them. IF any earlier correct to the era aka WWII but not to the set itself. In either case it doesn't increase the value of the set.
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    Thanks for all the info!:thanks:

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