2019 How much did you spend?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Ksblazer, Dec 30, 2019.

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    I think I bought stuff I didn't really need but wanted to try last year. Bought nothing this year so far but except for getting more Tabac soap I'll have enough to last a few years. Last years Items:
    100 Tiger razor blades (didn't need) $11.95
    100 Astra SP (needed)$11.95
    Cella kilo (needed)$37.00
    Dr. Harris and Tabac refill (didn't need but wanted to try, Love Tabac will get more)$30.00
    1 vintage bowl to press Tabac in (needed but maybe not) $6
    A box of goodies from Thrift store (1 Fatboy, BB, Tech, Williams stick, Old Spice with Mug, Scuttle) $10
    Lucky Tiger Bay Rum after shave$10
    12 Williams Mug soap $15.48
    12 Arko stick$17.88
    Adds up to under $166.00 for the year, much more that I spent before B&B but much less than I spent in 2018.
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    Well for 2019 I spent 0.0.

    Got heavily into cigars and with all the supplies from the 2 previous years, no need to spend on last year.

    2020 looks to be a spender though. Loys of new stuff I've been looking at.

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