30 Day Rule/Focus; Jan 2023. All are Welcome!

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Trigger, Jan 1, 2023.

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  1. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    It is our 7th Anniversary! It is simply amazing that our thread has endured this long! As I have always stated, this thread doesn't exist without your consistent and dilligent participation. I thank you all very much. I am sure everyone is glad that the hustle and bustle of holidays have ended. Don't worry; it reappears in 10.5 months. Lol! Anyway, it's a new year and that usually means that resolutions are initiated to improve ourselves such as losing weight, giving up a smoking, etc. Hopefully, those of you who made them will keep them. I think it's important that we take stock in ourselves and we can become the best we can be. Whatever needs to be changed, I say take it one day at a time because Rome wasn't built in a day. Ok, I need to stop with the self-improvement talk.
    Our main agenda has been and always will be to improve our shaving techniques by sharing our experiences with each other. In this regard, I have to say that 2022 was a resounding success! Yes, we all had some shaves that weren't spectacular, but we learned from our mistakes so that we minimized them to get better shaves. I am expecting that we all continue our shave journeys with the sharing of new insights on shaving methods and paraphernalia in 2023.

    We usually don't have a main theme for January, however, I do have a few suggestions.
    Jumble January is a possibility. For you safety razor shavers, you can switch handles. You may find that the different feel of a non-standard handle may give you a more enjoyable experience. It also may change the anesthetics of the razor. You may decide to mix and match aftershaves and soaps that may not normally be considered to complement one another.
    Of course, Just Shave Whatever You Like January is always on the table. It's pretty simple. You can do a rule, focus or be jiggy wiggy in your setups. That's for you to decide. I was also thinking of Edwin Jagger January, but I don't think there are many of you that own an Edwin Jagger, but if you do, then go for it even for a couple of shaves.

    Ok, let's continue with the basic tenets of this!
    I want to welcome all the veterans of the 30 DC and all the newcomers. This thread is for the purposes of improving your shave technique so that you will consistently get great shaves. There are a number of ways to do it. These are suggestions so feel free to do whatever you want in regards to your shave.

    The 30 Day Rule
    Take ONE razor, ONE blade, ONE brush, ONE soap/cream and use them EVERYDAY this month. Yes, everyday. But Trigger, I want variety! I know you do, but until you perfect your technique, it makes little sense to constantly change the variables of your shave.

    The Focus
    For you out there that are not up to the rigors of the Rule, there is this alternative:
    Vary the gear for each shave, save for perhaps one or two elements.
    This is a more accessible challenge for the majority of shavers. I like to pick a particular aspect of the shave, be it the lather, a certain blade or a new razor, that needs breaking in, and not change it daily, until I have mastered those tools.

    Ok, to keep the thread on a nice even keel, I ask everyone to follow the thread etiquette as listed below:
    1. New Members always welcome. Start anytime.
    2. Old Members always welcome.
    3. Respect everyone.
    4. Refrain from political conversation.
    ** This includes, but is not limited to: Covid-19, treatments and/or advice.**
    Please keep these discussions off of this thread.

    I also want to suggest that we should try to assess our shaves as to why it was good or why it was not up to your standards and express these reasons in your comments. The spirit of this thread is to improve our shaves and if we share the reasons why a shave was good or bad, then we are giving our experiences to encourage good technique and discourage bad technique so that we have great info to get better shaves. I am not suggesting that we do it for every post, but I think it would make for a healthier thread if we start to do it more than we have in the past years.

    Moreover, you don't have to do a rule or a focus. You are free to change your setup on a shave to shave basis.

    Finally, I want this thread to continue to be a friendly place. It is ok to disagree because that is how we learn from each other, but let's encourage and respect every member. Yes, even if you think they are off the wall. Let's face it! We all are a little off because of our different Aquisition Disorders. Lol!

    Let's have a group hug!


    Also, let's have a great January
    of awesome shaves and fine fellowship!


    Joe (Trigger)

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  2. brit

    brit in a box

    awesome intro Joe.:cool:.i'll start the new year with more Jillettes..as per usual.but will continue to knock down the den supplies.arko on work shaves.starting my 7th year on the forum and hoping to help more folks as they start/continue their wet shaving journey..:):eatdrink047:
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  3. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Thank you Gary. You are a good and kind man.
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  4. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you my friend.i can only offer the basics as per my education learned here.while others have progressed to more "daring" shave products i am enjoying more of the safety aspects.my choice of course but my goal was achieved.comfy no issue shaves daily.would not have achieved this without the fine folks here.truly grateful to all who started and continued to keep this thread alive.:happy096:
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  5. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Great intro joe...Happy new year my friend. :eatdrink047:
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  6. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    1st January 2023.


    Shaving recipe for today.

    Prep: Warm shower:/Asda Tingly Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel.

    Cold wet flannel to my face
    Palmolive Naturals Olive & Milk Bar Soap.
    Brush: Omega 10051.
    Bowl Lather.
    Bowl: Home Bargains Stainless Steel Side Bowl.
    Lather: Cella Crema Da Barba.
    Blade: Indian Gillette 7'0 Clock Super Platinum. (Black) (D2)
    Razor: Edwin Jagger DE 89. (Kelvin)

    Cold water Face Wash with brush squeezing's, Cold Water Face Rinse. /Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel./Boots Freshwood ASL+ASB.


    New year's day shave.

    Happy New Year to all members of TSD, wishing you all peace good health, happiness & contentedness for 2023.

    The Indian Gillette 7'0 Clock Super Platinum blade paired up with the EG DE 89 wonderfully feeling comfortably smooth and efficient.

    A close comfortable 2 pass + pick ups new year's day shave to start the year off in style...Finishing the shave off with a small dollops of Boots Freshwood ASB.

    My face is feeling smooth & smelling divine. ;)

    Stay safe, and have a wonderful new years day ladies & gentlemen. :cool:

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  7. JACarbone

    JACarbone Well-Known Member

    Well said Joe. Hope we have a year of health, happiness and great shaves.
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  8. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Thank you Barry. Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!
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  9. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Fabulous first shave of the year Barry! I see you brought out an Edwin Jagger in response to my intro. Moreover, you can't go wrong with Cella. Enjoy your first afternoon of 2023.
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  10. JACarbone

    JACarbone Well-Known Member

    Happy New Year to you and your family Barry. You have started the year off with a great shave.
    Just as an aside, I sent you a question regarding one of your last shaves of 2022. I am not sure you seen it as it may have been late in the evening on your side of the pond.

    Regarding the Floid Vigoroso, since it appears that you bottle is on the way to completion, have you been able to find a vendor that has it available? At least on my side of the pond, it is unobtainable. Available is the Floid Amber. I would imagine the scent is the same but I like the slight menthol kick that the Vigoroso presents.

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  11. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Thanks Joe. Safe trip back to NY.
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  12. JACarbone

    JACarbone Well-Known Member

    Hear hear!
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  13. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thank you, Joe. First and formost i wish you & your family a very Happy new year. ..Regarding the Floid Vigoroso, to my knowledge the "Floid Amber" which you can obtain on your side of the pond is practically the same. Meaning the Floid Vigoroso has a slightly stronger kick of menthol,and the Floid Amber may not be available in a 400ml bottle but both have the same 'Classic Barbershop Scent' with a menthol kick. Which pairs wonderfully with the LEA classic shave cream & shave stick.
    Yes your right my bottle is near completion but, I have another 400ml bottle to crack open which I've had in my den for quite some time. maybe 2 years. I can't be 100% certain that the "Floid Amber" is near the same as the Vigoroso, but reading various reviews on B&B the Link: Floid "The Genuine" & Italian Floid "Amber" | Badger & Blade (badgerandblade.com)
    I assume it is. If i personally couldn't obtain the Vigoroso in the UK , and the "Floid Amber" was only one available I wouldn't hesitate to make a purchase. A superb everyday post-shave splash.

    Since the 9/11 'Twin Towers' incident over zealous/paranoid no Liquid ASL/Colognes are allowed on Air flights, but Alcohol is served to passengers. Enough said. I hope this is some use to you Joe.

    Here's a funny for the start of the new year.

    The War With Grandpa Movie Clip - Shaving Cream (2020) | Movieclips Coming Soon - YouTube

    Take care, stay safe and have great start to,2023 with your nearest and dearest. Yours- Barry.
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  14. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thank you, joe. The Edwin Jagger was coincidental to be honest. "great minds"..Have a great start to 2023 my friend. yours-Barry.
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  15. brit

    brit in a box

    fine start to the new year Barry.:cool:
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  16. brit

    brit in a box

    new years day 2023
    new sc/spoiler
    yaqi silvertip
    a & e


    good day gents
    starting my 7th year on the TSD in style
    fabulous 2 passer with the new sc/spoiler combo
    have a fine new years day everyone.
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  17. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thank you, Gary. Your set up is a wonderful start to the new year too. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.:eatdrink047:
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  18. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    That's the way to ring out the
    New Year Gary!
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  19. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you Barry.:):eatdrink047:
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  20. brit

    brit in a box

    thank you Joe.was a nice shave.:):eatdrink047:
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