30 Day Rule/Focus; October 2023. All Are Welcome!

Discussion in 'Shower or Shave of the Day' started by Trigger, Sep 30, 2023.

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  1. ChrisB

    ChrisB Well-Known Member

    31 Oct 2023

    23 hours

    Prep = Cold Water Prep and shave, Proraso Pre shave
    Soap / Cream = The Body Shop Maca root and Aloe
    Brush = Old Vulfix
    Bowl = Timeless
    Razor = Gillette Rocket 62 grams
    Blade = Gillette Platinum (2)
    Passes = 2 +
    Post = Usual CWR, Alum, Thayer
    Splash = Proraso Rinfrescante
    Damage = delayed weeper long after the shave, weird, never had that before

    Score = 9 / 10
    Comments = The Body Shop Maca root and Aloe is really soft, loaded easily onto the brush. More of a cream in a tub than soap. Nice slick lather, to my nose there is little scent but refreshing nevertheless

    The first pass went well
    The 2nd pass felt really rough. Could the Rocket be more aggressive than the Rocket HD? What’s going on here? Focus… on to the cap, ride the cap till the blade starts cutting, man that feels terrible. Add more soap, add more waters, still feels rough

    Rinse razor and shake off excess water. Oops! The barn doors have loosened up. Tightened them up, all good again. Nice and smooth after that

    Keep them doors screwed down tight

    It’s been another lovely month of shaves, lessons learnt and wonderful posts from the TSD members. Thanks for sharing everyone

    Have a great day one and all
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  2. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Excellent shave and post Chris. A similar situation recently happened to me while shaving with my Mühle R102. The handle got a little loose so that the blade felt uncomfortable. I could have cut myself. Now after each pass, I will check the razor to make sure everything is tight.
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  3. Screwtape

    Screwtape A Shaving Butterfly

    Very informative post, Terry! I do still have a jug of distilled water from when I tried contact lenses and needed distilled water for the solution.

    I put the Brita filter on my tap about a decade ago mainly because it filters heavy metals -- which seemed like a good idea after tests found relatively high levels of lead in the water. Apparently our area's water system had early 20th c. pipes that had lead connectors. The city finally got them all replaced a couple years ago, but I still kept the filter, just in case...
  4. Screwtape

    Screwtape A Shaving Butterfly

    Yes, TTO razors are very convenient right up to the moment when they twist themselves loose mid-shave...
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  5. Terry

    Terry Tool Admirer

    A carbon filter only last a finite amount of time.
    Probably needs to be replaced 4 times a year.
    The way to see if it's done is to test if there is chlorine out of the filter.
    This only works on city water.
    If it's letting chlorine through, everything else is going through it too.

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  6. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    31st October 2023.


    Shaving Recipe for today.

    Prep: Warm shower:/ Nivea Men Power 24H Fresh Effect Shower Gel.

    Cold wet flannel to my face & head.
    Cien PURE Fragrance Free Sensitive Bar Soap.
    Brush: Omega 10077.
    Bowl Lather.
    Bowl: Tesco's Ceramic 'Cosmo' Side Bowl.
    Lather: Nivea Men Sensitive Pro Ultra-Calming Liquid Shaving Cream.
    Razor: FaTip Grande. (Face) - Gillette London Bridge. (D3)
    Razor: Gillette Guard. (Head) (D1)

    Cold water Face & Head wash with brush squeezing's,/ Cold Water Face & Head Rinse./ Alum Rub./Cold Water Face & Head Rinse./Homemade (~Autumn/Winter mix~) peppermint lavender, eucalyptus, + Tea Tree essential Oils Mixed Together With 200ml of Care+Witch Hazel/ L'0REAL Barber Club Reinforcing ASB./ P&G Old Spice Hawkridge ASL.


    (Halloween Face & Head shave)

    An enjoyable close face & head shave to finish the month off wonderfully.

    My month open comb focus with the FaTip Grande & Parker 24C paired together with Gillette London Bridge blade has been a joy...Both razors have performed superbly, especially the FaTip Grande. The extended run out with the Gillette Guard has been provided me with close presentable head shaves...I will continue to add it to my rotation for my head shaves in future shaves.

    I haven't used the Nivea Men Sensitive Pro Ultra-Calming Liquid Shaving Cream which always provides a slick protective lather. It's gooey sloppy mess appearance on my first use left something to the imagination which put me in doubt about it. However, once I started to add a few drops of water to gooey mixture it exploded and became slick rich and protective with no drying out issues and superb post shave feel... It doesn't have much of a scent so It doesn't conflict with any post shave scent applications.

    Tonight is Halloween night ever since I was kid it has always been something I've looked forward to...I still love to watch the classic Frankenstein with Boris Karloff, which for me will always be the best version and still amazes me each time I watch it....The Acting, b & w photography, & directing of the film is so incredibly dramatic....Another favourite is the 1974 Mel Brooks comical take of Young Frankenstein which is a classic in itself.

    Parents uncles aunties, grandparents, friends, neighbours will be having the usual mass visiting Trick-or-Treating presence from Wolverines, Michael Myers, Witches, Werewolf's, Mother-In Laws, Priti Patel's, Jacob Rees-Mogg's, Zombies, Vampires, Frankenstein's, Mummy's & Daddy's, Beetlejuice's, Batmans, Batwomen, Jokers, Freddy Krueger's, Chucky's, Jason Voorhees knocking on the door queuing up for the boat load of goodies people have for them around the world to mark this 'spooky Halloween Trick-or Treating event.

    Something That I always mention on Halloween is don't forget to keep your pets indoors and safe from harm while enjoying the spooky & soon to come bonfire-Guy Fawkes night (UK) festivities.

    Finishing the shave off with a generous splash of P&G Old Spice Hawkridge ASL.

    My face is feeling cool smooth, & smelling divine.;)

    Keep safe, and enjoy your day ladies & gentlemen.:cool:
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  7. ChrisB

    ChrisB Well-Known Member

    Thanks Joe!

    Hi Terry, too much info for my tired brain.

    To summarize the question: our under the counter Reverse Osmosis unit does both? Would this be the same as distilled water?

    Might give this a try when I next bring my MWF out of retirement

    Thanks Joe. Yes me too, but the Arko is still a fresh tub. Next time I will drown it in the Bay Rum!
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  8. JACarbone

    JACarbone The Oud Dude


    DE Shave # 488 - Halloween Shave

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Razor: Rod George Catacomb 2
    Blade: Gillette Silver Blue
    Brush: Skully
    Lather: PAA Atomic Pumpkin Bay Rum
    Aftershave: PAA Atomic Pumpkin Bay Rum
    Additional Care:
    Omega Alum
    Dickenson’s Original Witch Hazel
    Stirling Unscented Glacial Balm

    I reserved this software and hardware for today’s shave. As a kid I enjoyed Halloween, now not as much although the teenage shenanigans have subsided in the past few years.

    I do enjoy this scent of the PAA software. The soap base, not their CK -6 Formula, produces a wonderful lather that not only can be thick, that would be up to your discretion, but extremely slick as well.

    Three passes with the custom Rod George DE razor fitted with the GSB has my face super smooth. Post shave alum report was nonexistent. From past experiences, I will be getting the occasional whiff of this scent throughout the day.

    I have a busy day ahead. Already I have dropped the missus off at work due to the fact that our Jeep, with over 223K miles, decided to give up the ghost on Saturday with the transmission leaking all over the place. I will be hitting a few car dealerships this morning, Hyundai and Kia, to check out the Santa Fe and Sorrento respectively. Later, I will head back home with a load of dog food and then return to pick up the missus at 2:30. We will continue with our vehicle research.

    Never dull my friends. Hope you all have a good day.
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  9. JACarbone

    JACarbone The Oud Dude

    Enjoy your Halloween Barry. Sounds like a fun time on the other side of the pond. Great looking shave to start your day.
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  10. JACarbone

    JACarbone The Oud Dude

    Guess the razor was playing a little trick or treat on you Chris. Nonetheless a nice shave to start your day.
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  11. JACarbone

    JACarbone The Oud Dude

    All part of the never ending learning process. :happy088:
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  12. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Great shaves Barry.
  13. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Fine shave Joe. Good luck purchasing or leasing a car.
  14. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    That's true.
  15. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thank you Joe.
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  16. palmolive fox

    palmolive fox The British Birdman

    Thank you Joe.
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  17. Screwtape

    Screwtape A Shaving Butterfly

    Sloppy language on my part: I kept the filter *system* attached to the tap -- I replace the *filter* itself regularly from my stash of them...
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  18. Trigger

    Trigger Double Jedi Knight

    Oct 31 SOTA

    Good afternoon.

    Van der Hagen TTO Razor
    Gillette Wilkinson Sword DE Blade (2,3)
    MrEE Tuxedo Brush
    TSD Irish Spring SS and AS
    Stirling Alum Block
    Modessa Witch Hazel
    Beard Growth: 23 hrs
    Dome Turf: 3 days


    I thought that I end this month with a head and face shave. Actually, my scheduled headshave was today so it really didn't have to do with it being the end of the month. I wanted an easy shave so the VdH got the call. I am going to a no fragrance venue so I picked the TSD soap because the scent strength is a 1 on a scale to 10. However, it does produce a nice, slick lather with just a little work.


    Three passes on the dome and face gave me a BBS shave without incident. Oh, I did have minor pickups on the dome which is normal for me.
    Alum feedback was slight all around. Finished this session in my usual manner. It was a nice way to end this month.
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  19. Hembree

    Hembree Not as pretty smelling

    :happy088:....good stuff!
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  20. Hembree

    Hembree Not as pretty smelling

    Tatara Masamune with open comb plate.
    Astra SP blade.
    Semogue/ Tatara boar brush.
    Fine Accoutrements Fresh Vetiver shave soap.
    Timeless Razor shave bowl.
    Irish Chestnut by Andy Hilfiger

    Last two shaves.

    I hope everyone is doing great.
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