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    A GIANT "THANK YOU" to Roger. He contacted me yesterday and asked if I would print a Raptor out on my printer. I have a QIDI X-MAKER it is a small platform printer 160x160x160.
    Anyhow after down loading and printing. I started with the head using Rogers suggested settings on print parameters. 1 hour later I had a printed head. Pulling it off of the table I right away notice how great the print looked. I straight away started the spring. While that was printing, I checked blade fitment in the head. The blade slid into the slot and lifted into the locators and butted up against the blade stops perfectly. There was no slop in the blade in its position.

    12 minutes later the spring was done. I removed that and started the handle a full 3 hour print. At this point I set forth to put the spring into position. There was a very slight amount of flash from the table side I needed to trim. 20 seconds with my x-acto and I was good to go. I put the spring into position and after trying to push it in by hand for a few minutes. I went and got my Triceratops handle. then screwed the handle down and POP in the spring went. Just like downtown. using the Tri handle I installed a blade and checked everything out. Very stable and firm fit.

    I called it the night and went inside until midnight to pull the correct handle off of the machine. Again the handle looks superb. Screwed it into the head for a perfect fit. I then went to bed. way past my bed time. As I wake up at 4:45 for work. I will post pictures later today and give a full shave report. I will have a full 4-1/2 days worth to deal with.

    Roger, from what I see you have another fine razor on your hands. I am so impressed with your design skills. You can combine function with real beauty. As for printing it could not have been easier. your design takes into account printing needs and does this in spades.

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    Nice write-up Tom. Thank you for the kind comments. And thank you again for taking the time to test the files on your printer.
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    Ok. Here is the report. You all know what razor. The Raptor. Blade CVS CS new. Tabac for soap and AS. I had a full 4 days worth to deal with.

    Initial first stroke impression. Keeping blade as flat as I could to my face. Very smooth indeed. I did notice not a lot of blade feel. Think Gem FW. I know after that first stroke. This is going to be a nice shave. So I overcame my urge to whip through the shave as of it were a FW. I took my time making deliberate strokes. First pass was an above average pass.

    Second pass went just as well. Third pass went on without a hitch. I had to do a few clean up strokes on my normal spots on my neck. In the old man creases. ZERO irritation and a solid DFS shave.

    On to things I noticed specifically about the razor. Very easy to load and un load. The clever clamping works great. An extremely maneuverable razor. Outstanding design simply a beautiful tool. I do not mention it being light weight as that goes without saying. This razor will please the majority of shavers for sure. Those looking for a bunch of blade feel. You won’t get that.

    Roger you definitely have a winner. Here is the shave setup. I will post some closeups shortly.
    I forgot to mention that is rinses the lather out just fine.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    This 3d printed SE razor was appropriately named "RAPTOR SE" by fellow forum member @Electrif. The design was inspired by the J A Henckels RAPIDE. If it doesn't look much like the Rapide, it's because it was heavily modified for easy printing. By maintaining floating angles to less than 60 degrees in the design, this razor can be printed without supports, which means, zero post-processing. The design's geometry also follows the physical characteristics of standard 3d printers, such as 0.2mm radius minimum, 0.4mm wall increments, and a 0.12 layer height rule for consistent 200 point stepper-motor rotation. In short, what all this means is that the parts will print with more accurate dimensions, minimal artifacts, and a more solid inner structure. The files are now available for download on Thingiverse.
    GEM Single Edge Safety Razor "RAPTOR SE" by rogerquin - Thingiverse

    Raptor SE1.jpg

    Raptor SE2.jpg

    Raptor SE blade loading.jpg

    Raptor SE lever assembly.jpg
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    Thanks for the mention Roger @SlimGem
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    Brilliant blade tension or clamping system you designed there.
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    It is. You need to get one. Very pleasant shave.

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    Oh I might have to down the road, but I just bought one of those Yaqi AC Excaliber SE razors. I did not really want to but I have 2 magazines of AC blades and thought why not. But I will have to put it on my want list. I enjoy the different razors and gadgets you fellows are creating with the 3D printers. I go on Youtube and there is a lot of businesses that have 30 to 70 of these machines printing off plastic parts. Then there are the metal 3D machines making parts and then sintering them into functional parts. Amazing what is happening in such a short period of time. It will not be long and those plastic razors will become metal ones in the near future.
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