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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Scorpio, May 6, 2007.

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    I made a leather bench strop to use with the paste. the strop is 9" long 3" wide. How much paste should I use on the strop and should I cover the entire surface. This is the paste from Amplex.

    Thanks for the advise.

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    I received a response from Tony Miller that was comprehensive as it was detailed. I thought it might help others that may have the same question.

    Quote from Tony Miller:

    I usually paste the entire length of the ones I sell but then again with fellows paying for this service I want to be sure they get what they feel is fair. In reality though the last inch on each end is never touched as it is the "flipping space" for the razor and to conserve expensive paste you can leave it alone.

    I find the natural leather is very absorbant and will suck the moisture right out of the paste making it not go very far and to deposit too thickly. I take a small kitchen sponge and barely wet it then quickly draw it down the length of my paddles just barely wetting the surface. You don't want to soak it through, just get the surface wet so the paste spreads quickly. I squirt a pea sized dab of paste on my index finger, take a quick swipe about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the strop (on narrow ones) or maybe zig zagged across the strop (if wide) then quickly rub it evenly about until I get a slightly transparent coating. At some point you will find it is still reasonably thick but will not spread further. Repeat again further down the paddle the same way until complete. You may want to take an even smaller dab to even out any thin areas. When done you should still see leather with a thin, car wax thick layer of paste on it. Let this dry a day or two before use.

    On your first few attempts at use the razor may stick a bit where the paste is thick and a little may rub off. After a few uses a glaze will form and the razor will glide much better. It takes a few uses till all evens out well. Subsequent applications later down the road once this paste has turned black from depositied metal will go much easier as the leather is now sealed.

    Longevity of the paste varies. For a guy with just a few razors doing them every few weeks I think 6 to 9 months may be the useful life from the initial pasting. back when I did all the razors I sold on pasted paddles, 10 or 12 a week I would repaste every 2 months so for just a few it will go a long time.

    Hope this gets you started right.

    The Heirloom Razor Strop Company
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    Very informative. Thanks. Now, I just need to invest str8 paddle/strop. I'll leave the honing to the experts. :D
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    Good gouge! Thanks for the thread & reply from Tony.

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