.68 S/S Timeless Shaves Compaired To my Timeless .38 Bronze

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    With only two shaves under my belt with the .68 gap S/S Timeless straight bar razor I would say it compares to my .38 gap Timeless Bronze straight bar razor in this way. The S/S .68 is also a smooth and mild/mid aggressive razor (depending on ones point of view here) just like or comparable to the .38 Bronze razor. Also the S/S .68 razor has really good efficiency, very much like the .38 Bronze razor. With that said these razors are different in there overall feel (big picture) between them because of the diffrent head geometry design between the two razors.

    Your angle is diffrent with the .68 S/S less of the handle towards the face than with the Bronze razor that tends to work with the handle more towards the face. This makes total since do to the head design diffrence when you look at the razors side by side.

    I find the blade to be more audible with the .68 S/S razor and it also had a touch more blade feel to it, this is not a bad thing by any means just a notible diffrence. For guys that like more audible razors or a touch more blade feel the S/S .68 gives that. Personally I can go either way and not a big issue to me.

    Both of these razors are awsome in fit and finish, top shelf for sure. Both give a great shave for guys like me with more sinsative skin exspecially on the neck area were my hair grows in multiple directions. This issue makes aggressive razors more of an issue for me. Aggressive razors take of growth fast but also take of skin when one has to make passes in multiple directions to get a clean neck area shave.

    I would rather make a detailed clean up pass on my neck in multiple directions with an efficient more mild/mid aggressive razor than an aggressive one that can irritate. I got no real irritation to mention and great BBS shave with both the Timeless S/S .68 straight bar and the Timeless .38 Bronze straight bar razor.

    In Summery,

    Both of these razors are fantastic shavers for me and deliver BBS shaves and I enjoy both of them very much. The Bronze is less audible and has a little smoother feel to it and the S/S .68 is more audible with a touch more blade feel to it but as said not a bad thing at all and is very smooth and both will last a lifetime and be passed on.

    Happy Shaves All,
    Bill G
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    Just a quick follow up. I am also going to try the .95 gap plate on my Timeless S/S razor. My reasoning is I have heard this plate is just as smooth as the .68 but even more efficient so why not give it a try. If I find the .95 plate just to aggressive feeling I will return it within the 30 day return window and I am out only $10.00 plus the small amount it will cost me to return the plate.

    Who knows the .95 plate may perform even better for me than the .68 plate and if that's the case I will return the .68 plate. I will never know unless I give it a try but I can't help but think it may be to aggressive for me. I will find out in a few days when the new .95 plate arrives.

    I can't help myself here by wanting to know witch plate will be better. Whet shaving a hobbie or a sickness...Lol

    Happy Shaves All,
    Bill G
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    Thanks for the review! Those are very nice razors and I heard they have a similar feel to the Rockwell but I'm guessing probably with a better fit.
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    Yes, I have heard the same. The problem is we can not buy them all and try them all without getting shot buy the wife.. Lol. All kidding aside my wife likes the hobby the smell of the soaps and even the razors. But some of this stuff gets pricey.

    I can't spend all my play money on just shave stuff my Martin guitars need some love to (big smile). Thank the man up stairs that I got out of riding Harley Davidson motorcycle after 30 years of riding. I just got tired of folks on cell phones these days trying to kill me. A good thing though, oh boy Harleys are another money pit.

    All The Best To Ya,
    Bill G
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    Quick update on the .95 scalloped plate being used on my Timeless S/S razor in comparison to the .68

    I also decided to try the .95 scalloped plate and boy was I surprised. As stated I don't particularly like super aggressive razors and felt the .95 would be just that but I tried it as well.

    As much as I liked the .68 as stated above the .95 plate was also great a hair more blade feel but very smooth and efficient. It produced a smooth comfy shave with less work quickly and tackled my troubled areas on my neck with less work smooth and fast.

    I stand here sort of dumb founded ( thought the .95 would just be to much/aggressive) and to my big big surprise the .95 plate even performed better for me. ( yes a little more blade feel but so smooth) I could not believe it. Also the .95 seemed a hair easier or more intuitive to find the blade angle not to say the .68 was hard or troublesome in any way to find the blade angle. Well I decided to send the .68 plate back as nice as it was and I am keeping the .95 scalloped plate.

    Again all this really surprised me so it does pay to check things out with companies like Timeless Razor that allows there customers to do so (try out and exchange there products). Great customer service and fantastic quality high end razors.

    Happy Shaves All,
    Bill G
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