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  1. MikekiM

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    Gillette New versus New Improved - Do I have my data correct?? The New Improved was actually the predecessor to the New?

    There are News with short and long combs, yes? I can't seem to find a picture that makes the difference in tooth length clear. How do their shaves differ?

    Which three piece has the long TTO knob/key that is removable? The cap plate comes off, the key slides out of the handle and the blade bed, if that's what the bottom half of the head is called, stays attached to the handle. I'm not referring to the two piece like my Hoffritz Slant two piece.

    What is the back story to the name Bull Mastiff? I have one from Bob's Razor Works in the black anodized finish and I like the size of it.. What other razors use a similar handle or one that is called a Bull Mastiff?
  2. Etoyoc

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    Yes.. New Improved models were out from 1921-1928. NEW models were out from 1929-1934
    I don't think they make a big difference. The short tooth are supposed to be a shade more aggressive. They may be... but I get a slightly better shave with the long combed ones. I don't know why, but I just do. Others prefer short comb.


    Notice that the razor on the left the teeth hook downwards more. That is the long tooth version. The other is the short tooth. Ignore the handles - they have nothing to do with this. Either head can be found with either handle (as well as some other variants).

    Spindle models were the pricier versions that were more likely to have serial numbers stamped on them. The ball ended handles usually didn't have a serial number but they were made often during the same time frame. They were available in Old Style, New Improved (called many different names depending on the box it was sold in), and the NEW.

    It is a knurling pattern that is not seen on many of the older American made gilettes. The Bulldog name comes from the 1920's Bulldog model that had the pattern. However, it is popular on the English Gillettes.

    Take a look at the Mr. Razor website. http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/Gillette%20Rasierer.htm You will be able to find examples for many of your questions.
  3. Dridecker

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    Justin I think you may have that backwards...
  4. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    yup... sorry.. I guess I should look at the picture a 2nd time before I type about it. Fixing the info...
  5. MikekiM

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    Justin, thanks..that is perfect!! I appreciate you doubling back with the picture. To be certain.. the teeth that curve down are considered the Long Tooth and are reported to be a bit milder.. yes?

    This is very helpful.. My sights are on the New Long Comb.

    Next question.. was the New Long Comb available with the spindle handle?

    Truth told, I love the work that comes out of Bob's Razor Works and the New Long Comb on a Bull Mastiff Deluxe handle with the spindle is the combination I am looking for..
  6. Wonderful! :cool:
  7. ChemErik

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    Justin, I love that you show the NEW models with feather blades. Despite the expectation that the combination would overly aggressive, it really works well IMHO.
  8. Etoyoc

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    Well.... I just copied the picture from another thread about the NEW razors. It isn't my picture. Sorry, I should have mentioned that at the time. But after 5 hours of grading lab reports, I evidently couldn't keep track of left vs. right, so I guess I can't think of everything.

    Mike, yes they had spindle models. The pictures are from the Mr. Razor site I linked to above.


    A British made NEW with spindle handle

    I don't believe any of the NEW models had the bulldog handle. Here is the Bulldog Old Style.


    The British one piece razors feature the pattern as well. But as far as I know, NEW models didn't have this pattern. British Aristocrat Model 15 shown

  9. AmishFury

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    when i first read this sentence i thought you were talking about the psycho which is essentially a 2-piece tech that can only be opened with a separate key... designed for use in places where you wouldn't want the person shaving with the razor to be able to get the blade out themselves.. like prisons
  10. MikekiM

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    I've seen the removable threaded spindle called both a Spindle and a key...
  11. Etoyoc

    Etoyoc Backwards

    At first that is what I was wondering if he meant as well. They made a version of the Gillette Tech (no teeth and safety bar) for prisoners where handle had a key to lock/unlock the head to change the blade.

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