A New Simpsons Brush for the 21st Century - Second of a Two Part Review

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by GDCarrington, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Well, people have called for different colors other than three band and black think ... think multicolored or pure white. Pure White has a connotation with the old technology. What I am saying is if they produce many units of a variation and are stuck with them their profits decrease by having stock that does not move and the manufacturer has to eat it. If they produce few units it is not enough to overcome the cost of producing a few special units (fiber manufacturing companies that supply the brush companies require a certain amount of material to make customization worth their while). Manufacturers will make the safe bet.
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    That sounds prudent. I'm not one of those Simpson haters, in fact, I'm quite fond of my Simpson brush.

    If dying fibers to look like badger is necessary to make a profit, and thereby promote the advancement of synthetic shaving brush fiber technology, more power to Simpson & Muhle!

    Edit: I was remiss to not thank you for the most excellent review.
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