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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by huck1680, May 8, 2023.

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    Hi Folks
    Just received my new "ubrush" from AP Shave Co. You can get this brush in several colour combos and knots. It's a 2 piece brush so I ordered the red/black version with a 24mm SilkSmoke knot. I live in Canada so it was nice to be able to order from a Canadian company as well. Very soft with decent backbone and is a very good bowl latherer so I would imagine it's a good face latherer as well. I have a couple of WCS 26mm synths and they work very well also, but I prefer the 24mm as far as size is concerned. Delivery was by courier which is ok because I was home at the time. Our problem is if we're not home the package cannot be left anywhere and trying to contact delivery services can be a hassle. So I asked the owner (Andrew) if he would ship via Canada Post. He explained it would cost a bit more but that he would be happy to do that for me. It works better because there's a parcel bin CP uses so I can access packages without any problem. And if that doesn't work the postman leaves me a notice telling me where I can pick my package up. The reason for telling you this is I was very impressed with Andrew for agreeing to my request and getting it done quickly. I have ordered another brush because of his very good customer service.
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    awesome brush.i am in B.C and have similar issues with shipping.we also have a parcel bin so CP is the preferred shipping outfit.bet you don't hear that too often.:D:eatdrink047:many stores won't use CP so i no longer use their websites.Top of the Chain is excellent also.

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