A small guide to single edge blades

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by HoosierTrooper, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Good job, Tom. Have you done a guide on injector blades? I am having trouble finding any.
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    Fram pretty much covered that!
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  4. HoosierTrooper

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    Personna and Schick injector blades can also be found on eBay and Amazon, and Walgreens sells the Schicks online. One option is to buy the Personna mini hair shaper blades online or at Sally's Beauty Supply, they are usually priced pretty good but the dispenser they come in doesn't have the injector key so the blades will have to be transplanted into one that does, but that is really simple to do.

    Other than finding them in smaller independently owned drug and grocery stores online is about the only way to get them. Personna quit selling injector blades to the public several years ago and only produce them now for medical tool supply companies like Ted Pella and emsdiasum, and the mini shaper blades which are for hair cutting.

    There is a fairly large drugstore chain in the Midwest known as Family Drug that does carry Schicks, I've bought from them.
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    I am considering purchasing a Gem Featherweight or Push Button SE razor. Based on this information, I will use the Gem Stainless blades since they are coated. Thank you very much
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    With all the SE madness going on this month, I think this thread needs a bump.

    Just started researching where to get blades for my Valet Auto Strop, and found this thread.
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    Feather SE blades for most of the Auto strops ...You can get them from Flea - Bay or Connaughts in the UK......They have just been repackaged recently to packs of 10 and Feather have bumped the price up Sir....;)
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    Looks like the only places that have the Feather SE blades are overseas. Sounds like I am modifying a Gem blade to try this out. They have those at the grocery store.
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    I was hoping for a little clarity here. I've read the thread and understand the difference between 2-facet and 3-facet. I'm a little confused why a company would use the same markings on a blade if there was indeed a difference.

    I picked up a box of GEMS Blue Star yesterday. They're marked "009 RD". I have a box of SEs I bought at Sherwin Williams Paints around a dozen years ago. Made in Mexico. 66-0089 is the box code, and they're still available under this code. They're also marked "009 RD". Visually, I can't tell the difference. Are these the same blades? If not, why are they marked the same? Any confirmation or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  10. Billyfergie

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    I am not sure about Markings on these blades as I live in the UK but if you got them out a hardware store it more than likely that they are Scraper Blades..Of you Buy SE Blades from a Shaving Vendor you cant Go Wrong.:)

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    I had my first shave the other day with my gem clog proof se razor. The shave was awful. I had to clean up with my tech. Afterwards when I applied my as.. My face was on fire!!! Can someone tell me if the blades I used were the wrong type ? I got these at an estate sale and they were NIB.
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    They may have been the right type. The problem is that carbon steel blades can deteriorate with age. Even if there is no visible surface rust the edge may no longer be usable (and apparently isn't).

    If you don't want to mess with ordering blades online go to your local CVS drug store and buy some of the CVS brand single edge blades in the shaving section. Go home and enjoy a great shave. Just be aware that those are carbon steel blades and must be removed from the razor and dried immediately after shaving, otherwise they will rust.

    You can also order stainless steel blades from the various online shaving outlets and walgreens.com. You might even find some at your local Walgreen's.

  13. Jorvaljr

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    Thank you! I was thinking of doing that !
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  14. swarden43

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    @Jorvaljr DO NOT buy single edge blades from a hardware store. They are NOT designed for shaving.
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    Harris Teeter has several 10 packs of Korean (Dorco) SEs on clearance for under a buck. I don't think I've ever shave with them but even as just utility blades, that's not a bad price so I grabbed a pack.

    Edit...oops, found an ancient thread; I guess I have tried them and they weren't good.
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    Thanks for some great information! I have a GEM Featherweight that will be on it's way soon, as I have never used a SE of this type before. This was a wealth of information that I will be looking back on.
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    Excellent and very well done, it's tricky to buy the right blades and you can mess up easily, you have performed a real service!
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    Great post. You know your carbon ! I am a big fan of carbon blades. Great job
  19. '65 G-Slim

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    Having been recently afflicted with SE/ RAD myself, I've been searching for sources of SE blades. Walgreens carries GEM/Personna blades, as does CVS (they might be the same blade but in a CVS-branded package). Try A Blade carries SE blades, too...both GEM & PAL carbon, and GEM stainless & Teflon-coated. There's also a guy in Ft Worth that sells on fleabay; he has the Teflon Ted Pella blades for a pretty good price.
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  20. Jim99

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    I'm able to buy the Gem Personna stainless steel blades for $4.29 for 10 at my local supermarket. I've been picking up a 10 pack each week for the last couple of months, so I'm well stocked in SE blades.
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