A synthetic I'll cherish

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by Old School, Mar 17, 2023.

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    Not a synthetic fan at all, but recently won a one off @Jayaruh synthetic brush and put it to use yesterday.
    It lathered very well and performed better than any synthetic I've tried and pif'd away. This one's a keeper, thanks Jayaruh!!![​IMG]

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  2. Herm2502

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    You can't go wrong with one of Jim's brushes! Enjoy!
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  3. Queen of Blades

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    He certainly makes some great brushes! Enjoy!
  4. Michael_W

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    Synthetics have certainly come a long way since their introduction on the market! I'm too new to traditional shaving to have used the early model knots, but I have heard some horror stories about the low quality. Fortunately, this particular industry appears to be highly receptive to user feedback and isn't afraid to go back to the proverbial drawing board or content to dismiss legitimate criticism. Most of the synthetics in my collection are from P.A.A., and I have a timber wolf knot from Maggard's. All perform excellently. I mainly use them for my vegan soaps. I have my two Stirling badger brushes and an Omega badger traveling one, three boar bristle brushes, two horse hair, and I rotate out so none get worn too quickly. I've learned in my relatively short time as a traditional wet shaver which brushes work best with what type of soap or cream. If I'm gonna use a synthetic, it's gonna be from sellers with solid reputations. One of these days I'll have to obtain a brush from @Jayaruh and give it a try!
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  5. huck1680

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    Ya know...I'm really enjoying my WCS synths. A bit larger than I'm used to (26mm instead of 22-24) but they are bowl lathering monsters. They whip up a great lather and there's enough for 3 passes if I need them. Very soft and comfy...and the best part? They cost a fraction of what top of the line badgers do. Now I know synths can be a bit expensive but that's usually due to the handle materiel etc.

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