A Tale of Two razors

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    I purchased these razors from the same vendor at a local antique store. According the her they were her fathers. So let me share their tale.

    The razor on the right is from a WW1 soft sided pack. When I bought the razor it had been cracked at the top from something bending it. The handle is straight but the crack was huge. The owner held the razor head together with a paper wedge to get him through. The head as you can see was broken at the post and new post was hammered into place to make the razor usable.

    Once out of the military the guy probably threw it into the drawer and purchased a new one in the 1920s. This one is better taken care of with only a minor crack it is not worth sealing. Yeah the brass is worn off the head of the newer one but this was probably used by the guy until he died so 40 or 50 years.

    All of this is conjecture as she only told me they were her fathers so I pieced this together.

    I fixed the razor on the right with some marine epoxy at the top and bottom to seal the crack. Not sure how it will shave but one the rust is cleaned up, well see.

    This is why I like to collect. To hold a story in my hand. Think about it the guy loved this razor so much that he bought another as soon as he got back and probably did not trade it in until he died.
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    If anything, you are great at telling stories! Thanks!
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    Now here's the true test. Send a friend of yours into the same shop in a week or so, and have him look at antique razors. Chances are, he might also come up with some of her "father's" razors as well.;)

    Nonetheless, the story behind them, whether it is true or not, makes for an interesting purchase.

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