A very rare GEM razor.

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by HoosierTrooper, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    Never seen one 'til now. Great score :happy088:
  2. macaronus

    macaronus Sir Nice-a-Lot

    WOW! What a great find, mate! Congrats!
  3. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    I wonder, Tom, if it wasn't meant to be GEM's answer to the adjustable injector? Have you compared paten dates? And if so, I wonder why GEM gave up on the idea.
  4. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    The first Schick injector didn't come out until 1965, and the patent application for this one was filed in 1960, so I don't think so unless ASR knew that Schick was working on adjustables in 1960. My guess is that it was ASR's answer to the Gillette 195 (Fat Boy) adjustable since the Toggle had been around in the late 50's. We'll likely never know why this one didn't seem to get put into production.
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  5. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    OK, so I shaved with it this morning. I loaded it with a new Treet blade and lathered up with some vintage Williams and started out with it on 1 and shaved my left cheek WTG, it felt pretty much like a Push Button or Feather Weight. I re-lathered the area and opened it up to 9, or 10 if the dot after the 9 counts as a setting, and went over it again. On the second WTG pass it was obviously taking more hair off, that was apparent from the sound and feel. I finished up with it on the highest setting and got very good results, and now 10 hours later no sign of redness or irritation.

    The adjustment obviously changed the way the razor shaved shaved, it was much more efficient/aggressive with it opened all the way up, so it works just like it was intended. Tomorrow I'm going to set it at 5 or 6 and shave the whole time without changing it to see how it does with a mid-range setting. As usual, the Treet blade performed flawlessly.
  6. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    That makes sense. Thanks!
  7. Billr

    Billr Mix Master Mighty White!

    That is one awesome razor! Great score!
  8. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    An adjustable SE? Wow - that is absolutely the coolest thing posted anywhere in quite some time, sir.

    What strikes me is that the general shape of the lower handle is very reminiscent of their later (last) gray pushbuttons and fliptops, but that probably doesn't mean a thing, time-wise.
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  9. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    Thanks. The Push Button would've still been in production in the early 60's so they no doubt used that handle as a starting point for this one. And it is similar to the Contour, the next production model as well.
  10. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    Shave two was done this morning with it set at 5 the whole time with the same Treet blade. When I was done I re-lathered a couple places and went over them with it opened up to 9 and heard the unmistakable sound of more whiskers being removed. It's been about 13 hours since I shaved and still no after effects so I declare it a winner.

    It's a much better shaver when it's cranked wide open, so it is a definite improvement over the Feather Weight, Push Button and Contour models, at least in my opinion. It's a fun razor to own, easily my greatest find probably for all time, and will definitely get used regularly along with the umpteen gazillion other razors I've accumulated.
  11. oldtrout

    oldtrout Well-Known Member

    I'd have better luck looking for a pot of gold..awesome find!
  12. dougr

    dougr Well-Known Member

    Tom, thanks for the pictures and information on your rare, proto-type
  13. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Just think of how few of those there must be now. It's possible you have the only one in existence...that it shaves so well AND is in primo shape makes it a real prize.
  14. HoosierTrooper

    HoosierTrooper Steve-less in Indiana

    That's what I keep thinking about, how many are there still around, maybe boxed up at a warehouse somewhere that ASR owns. The 24 scratched on the bottom was no doubt put there as a way to identify that particular razor, wonder what variations there were on the other 23 or so?
  15. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    And where they are.
  16. Azarius

    Azarius Must have had his WHEATies

    Very nice score Tom. I have never seen a Gem like that before. At first glance it looks like a push button, but then you see that very cool adjustment dial.
  17. Straight Arrow

    Straight Arrow Active Member

    That's a good one. I thought I was finished searching for razors.
  18. castrobabble

    castrobabble Member

    TTT - I ran accross this thread and thought some of the new guys like me would enjoy reading it too!
  19. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    You really should try some :)
  20. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    A very, very cool razor.

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