Acne on the chin after shaving.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Vorpal, Jul 16, 2020.

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    this is my very first post, after a good 15 years of having this problem I finally decided to do some actual research instead of trying things by myself and failing.

    Long story short, nine out of ten shaves I get pimples on my chin after I use a razor, any razor, be it gillete, safety, straight, even machines like philips one blade (actually worse with that!) I want this nightmare to end. Any suggestions welcome. Also, the style of shaving that gives me the least irritation is close comb safety razors, my gf caught up and got me a merkur futur gold and it looks amazing, and hopefully it's actually good. I know a thing or two about metals and it feels like its made of zinc alloy, so I can see it having rust issues in the future, but I digress, shouldn't look a gift razor in the comb I guess.

    I got a proraso green lotion with eucalyptus and witchhazel, hopefully that wasn't a wrong move, I found it extremely cheap.

    Anyway, if you guys have any tips or product suggestions, please, do tell! I am still unsure if I should go with preshave oil or cream etc. type of razor...(people keep praising permasharp around here), and others say if you use preshave oil you should never use lotion after etc. etc.

    The following picture is the closest I found to my problem, not sure how to name it exactly.

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    IMO, and I am NOT a dermatologist, this is a result from waaaayyy too much pressure and/or "scraping", rather than "slicing" with your razor.
    Try MUCH lighter pressure; a MUCH shallower angle; and for the foreseeable future, only perform ONE (1) WTG pass on this area.
  3. Sara-s

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    @Primotenore is quite likely right. Though I would suggest trying some unscented products to rule out skin allergies to the fragrances.
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    Thank you for your replies! I forgot to mention that I HAVE went to a dermatologist, a couple of times, nothing really helped, so I guess it comes down to the actual shaving products including razor etc. since I also go for only one WTG pass @ the chin area. Perhaps I'm doomed to always have this, but at the very least I want it to be reduced as much as possible. (It's never as bad as the pic I posted, but still. I also get it a bit on a part of the neck area, where the grain grows the opposite way)

    p.s. @Primotenore fallout for the win :p
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  6. The situational shaver

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    Do you have oily skin? If so, look at the ingredients of your shave cream/soap. Look at the ingredients of your A.S.
    If these products have glycerin, glycol, oils of any kind, they’re going to be ‘greasy’ on your skin.
    Try using more ‘drying’ products. I would definitely use a plain alcohol splash, something without glycerin, glycol
    or any ‘oils’ or ‘skin goodies’, that’s just more oil. Also, witch hazel before the A.S. gets the ‘grease’ off.

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