Adding menthol crystals to products?

Discussion in 'Skincare' started by FlightMedic, Apr 17, 2015.

  1. FlightMedic

    FlightMedic Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I bought a half pound bag of menthol crystals from my local health food store for $2 because they were slightly out of date.

    Now I know several people have diluted and added crystals to products before but after checking the tutorials section and a quick search I came up empty on how I should go about adding them to my existing products.

    I guess I'm looking for a makeshift M-Bomb recipe!
  2. tuxxdk

    tuxxdk International Penguin of Mystery

    As for me, I just add the flakes to the product, in my case, homemade PSO and AS.

    Shake well and they mix well.
  3. Omaney

    Omaney Well-Known Member

    Start SMALL!!!
    I converted a bottle of Imperial Bergamot into Osage Rub in seconds flat using a few too many crystals. Half a pound is a lifetime supply for any normal human.
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  4. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    I got mine from the shave den shop.
    it came in a little Ziploc baggie full of crystals. I added eight to ten crystals to my smaller( Barbasol, aqua velva) maybe fifteen to virgin island bay rum and Florida water. ten or twelve in Brut. the bigger chunks were like 5/8 to 3/4, it had a bunch likes 1/2 to 5/8. I can definitely tell its there, but didn't overdo any of them. I started trying to use tweezers, but end using fingers. I advise to wash well after.
    good luck and happy experimenting.
  5. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Can anyone imagine adding menthol crystals to a Glacial soap or the Cryogen soap? Oy vay!
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  6. Salty Belle

    Salty Belle Well-Known Member

    Here is a bit more scientific and accurate way to mix...from the wonderful and information filled site:

    "All but insoluble in water and glycerin, it is completely soluble in alcohol and essential oils. With a melting point of 42° (107°F), menthol crystals are easily solubilized in slightly warmed fixed oils, making it easily added to ointments, salves and balms. Menthol is used in pharmaceutical formulations for its analgesic and cooling effects. It can be used in cosmetics containing peppermint to boost its cooling and freshening effects. It is also widely used in the confectionery and flavoring industries. Menthol crystals begin to evaporate at 21° (70°F), therefore the container should be kept in a cool place and tightly covered when not in use. Menthol crystals should be used with caution and kept out of reach of children.
    Typical Usage Rate 1.5 - 2%
    Appearance: Large, colorless, needle-like crystals

    INCI: Menthol"

    So, say in 2oz (approx. 60g) of warmed olive, avocado, sunflower (whatever your preference) mix in 1.2g or .04oz of menthol crystals (I use a dropped bottle) and shake shake shake until dissolved.
  7. FlightMedic

    FlightMedic Well-Known Member

    Any advice for adding to solid mediums like soap or shampoo bars? I know you can melt VDH soap so adding to that might be simple but what about nicer soaps like Stirling or DR Harris? I only plan to try a little at a time so I don't destroy a good soap.

    I plan to experiment with these crystals and some Sharp Dressed Man splash to make Eskimo Tuxedo aftershave.
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  8. Omaney

    Omaney Well-Known Member

    Btw my Imperial over-mentholated bergamot makes an excellent afternoon pick-me-up. I just apply some to a baby wipe and clean my face with it. Love it
  9. markjnewcomb

    markjnewcomb Well-Known Member

    Well..... You just imagined it. :)
  10. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    the soaps I want to mentholate, I usually bomb those with one or two drops of the m-bomb, also from tsd.
    they get bombed while they are getting bloomed.
    cremes get bombed in the lather bowl, just prior to the brush.
  11. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    Be very careful, buddy. I don't know the menthol/other ingredients that Rod uses to make the Glacial Eskimo Tuxedo but I imagine the menthol content is huge, as in all the Glacial scents. He once overdid it with the Glacial Wintergreen witch hazel and said that his first testing of it was borderline painful and he had to redo the formula completely.
  12. TheFiveO

    TheFiveO Well-Known Member

    While I do live in a hot and dry climate, I must admit I like only a little cooling in my shave products! I am beginning to think you menthol fans are as addicted to it as we all are to shaving supply hoarding and RAD. :):lyrtuy5:
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  13. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    I most certainly am! :) (and proud of it!)
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  14. GDCarrington

    GDCarrington Burma Shave

    Remember it is Menth with a stress on the letter n in the middle of the word which makes all the difference between a non-legal addictive substance versus a legal addictive substance which is Menthol ! ;)
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  15. TheFiveO

    TheFiveO Well-Known Member

    Why do I picture Walter "Heisenberg" White, in a yellow chemical suit, stirring up a batch of soap products for our menth addicts on this forum!?
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  16. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    I crushed some crystals in a mortar & pestle. Then, I added them to a carrier oil (I used sweet almond oil) at 10% concentration (by weight). I heated it over a low flame until dissolved.
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  17. Boojum1

    Boojum1 Valet Parking Available Here

    I dissolve crystals in 1-2 ml of alcohol then add that to witch hazel and aftershaves. :smiley freezing:
    I've got some chilly splashes. :Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily::Animatedfrozensmily:
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  18. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    Guilty as charged [​IMG] . Have done it to Glacial Spearmint, Lemon Chill, Frozen Tundra, Mama Bear Iced Czars Choice, Yeti Snot and now Cryogen.
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  19. ram57

    ram57 Don't Open til Christmas

    This is how I add mine too.
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  20. ChiefShaver

    ChiefShaver Well-Known Member

    I pimped my Proraso green AS with 3 little Menthol crystals. Man, i can tell you...using it in the Morning after putting the bottle in the refrigerator over night...nice nice nice!!!

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