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Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by Dark Vapor, Oct 13, 2013.

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  2. Paul Turner

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    Is it like Mennen Skin Bracer on steroids?
  3. Lilan

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    Naw, actually about the same or slightly milder
  4. PickledNorthern

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    So I have been following this thread, just mostly lurking. I mostly don't do any of the old school after shaves, but I am always looking, and I keep seeing you guys talk about cooling, or cold. Can anyone give me a good reference point to base them from?

    Lets try it this way: Understanding that I think of Proraso Green as a one, and splashes like Stirling Glacial or B and M Artique as a 10, where do these classics stand? I hear about AV, Nivea Cooling, Skin Bracer.... Can someone more well rounded help me out?

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  5. Paul Turner

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    I love it too. The one problem I have with it is it's easy to spill out more than I want. I end up scooping the excess up from the sink and putting it on areas I may have missed in the first place :).
  6. preidy

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    Clubman, Fine American Blend and L"Orange are in my regular rotation. But still favorite (my dad used) Skin Bracer. One thing I do miss is the glass bottle though.

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