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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Jim O, May 26, 2023.

  1. sidpost

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    NO, it won't do that, at least none of mine do!

    The Single Edge options are super easy to use and the blades last a lot longer than DE blades. While I can bleed with a Single Edge, that only happens when I'm distracted and not paying ANY attention to what I am doing.

    The Schick Injectors are cheap and effective IMHO. The blades are a little harder to find than DE blades but, Amazon will hook you up pretty easily as one obvious option.
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  2. ChrisB

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    I have about 20 DEs and 10 or so SE, but find myself migrating back to the few that work best for me.
    I don't plan to actively 'hunt down' anymore for the moment, (although the hunt and chase are part of the fun).
    It is nice to change up razors every now and then. For example I tried my Muhle Rocca 96 again a few days ago after previously putting it away a few months ago, and still don't like it.
    I might come back to this later, but then if it still is not "for me" then it will be "for someone else".
    I do find taking out a different razor focuses the mind on skill set and technique. Ultimately one should be able to adapt "on the fly" to whatever tool you are using on the day, which is what you will see the senior shavers (with respect) doing here.
    My focus atm is skillset and perfecting lathering, and currently my rabbit hole is soaps and creams.
    You gotta pick your own rabbit hole!

    At some stage you might get to your one razor + one soap + one blade set-up at which point it will be time to move on to a new hobby.
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  3. Jim O

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    I have a Gem Damaskeene, and Gillette NEW on the way. Can't wait.
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  4. cpool222

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    Those are two excellent choices. If you're still specifically looking for aggressive, I'd say the Gillette red-tip Superspeed or the GEM Open-Comb Micromatic are the most aggressive that I have other than a very difficult-to-find MEM slant razor. Here's the best explanation of how to handle the OC Micromatic IMHO :

    Hats off to Mr. Guy
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  5. Jim O

    Jim O Well-Known Member

    That's cool and funny, young buck demoing a vintage razor. There's still hope!
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  6. WhyAreYouMe

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    The Parker Variant is a good razor but there are some differences. The Progress actually has 10 settings. You can twist it around 1-5 after the first 1-5 with no worry of the razor still holding tightly together. The Variant only has the first 1-5. Also, the Progress, if you pull on the knob, the bottom piece comes out. You can remove the slip ring and make it into a 3 piece razor making it easy to clean and dry out. The Variant does not have that ability. So for me, I don't regret buying the Variant, but it's no contest between the two. The Progress complaints of grip and the plastic knob (which some argue causes head heaviness/balance issues) do not bother me.
  7. ShaversRUs

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    Thumbs up on the Progress. The people who complain about the yellow plastic knob -- are probably just people who like to complain. They would go out on a date with Cindy Crawford and complain about her mole.

    I didn't like the Pearl Flexi at all. And I really mean "not at all." On the lowest setting, I found it rough and aggressive. And it weighs a ton. Plus, although I got one in the run that fixed the tilting of the head, I noticed it still wasn't 100% at higher settings, which is a moot point for me since I wouldn't set it any higher than the lowest setting anyway.
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  8. PLANofMAN

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    Moderator Article Team
    I did that a long time ago, The last ten years have just been an exercise in seeing if there's anything better than my favorites. The razor at least has been replaced a few times, and the soap has been equaled once. I'm not sure there's anything that can equal them today or improve on them at all.

    Edit: The Blackland Osprey just might be the new 'king of the adjustable razors,' though. We'll see what future reviews say on that subject.
  9. Michael_W

    Michael_W Well-Known Member

    I recently acquired the Parker 96R, and tales of its aggression have most assuredly not been exaggerated. I normally don't get bad nicks or weepers, but my shave with it on Sunday left me with a few. It was nothing I couldn't handle, but still, I was surprised how savage the razor was even using my ordinarily light strokes.
  10. WhyAreYouMe

    WhyAreYouMe Active Member

    I have found some OC's aggressive over the years but for a different reason. The comb part feels like it's scratching my face as I shave. As far as aggressive, it seems for me it's not the blade gap or exposure that bothers me. It's how much the blade is torqued and how tightly it's held by the razor head that can do some damage.
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