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    I'm Ed from Connecticut. I have previously dipped my toe into the straight shaving game back in 2017. I started with a shave ready razor I purchased from a shaving forum. Real life got in the way and after it was no longer shave ready (I still need to get it refreshed or honed). I drifted back to going with a full beard and occasionally touching up with a shavette.
    I have now hopefully jumped back in, I am waiting for a few shave ready straights to come in the mail. I look forward to learning and hopefully start restoring some straight razors :).
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    Welcome from a fellow New Englander! (born I'm Maine, time in the Air Force, now in Jersey. Long story ;))
    Glad you're here!
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    Welcome to the Den.
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    hello and welcome
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    Welcome to the Shave Den! What straight razor do you have, and which ones have you ordered?
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    Welcome @eastratton . So glad to have you on board. Looking forward to your posts.
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    Welcome to the Shave den, Have some great shaves!
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    I received two wade and butchers today not sure where to host the picture.

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