Anybody Here Tried Making Scales From Whole Camel Bones?

Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by Slash McCoy, May 29, 2020.

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    I am interested in cutting up camel leg and shoulder blade bones into razor scales. Anybody here doing that? Looking particularly for answers from someone who has actually cut these bones up into scales already. I am pretty sure the leg bones will have a large pithy core but I am thinking I should still get maybe 4 pairs from one. But the shoulder blades, are they pretty solid? If so I should be able to saw one of them up into several pairs, right? And what about giraffe bones? I have made quite a lot of horn, wood, and synthetic scales, so not interested in how-to or recommendations in that area. I have done a couple pairs of prefab bone scales and I rather like them, but I really don't like paying so much and trusting some guy in India to get it right for whatever razor I am rescaling, so I am looking into a DIY approach.
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    Save time and Frustration with Buying the Blanks already flattened

    They are about 1.5 x 6x 1/8

    I have done them from raw bone also using Buffalo and Elk it is NOT easy and I have tons of experience making scales and the tools to do it,,, buying the blanks is way easier and NOT expensive

    They can be found all over eBay just make SURE you get 6" length

    These are Tea Stained Camel Bone, Yes you can stain them too :D


    This is Raw Elk Anter, when I say Raw I mean from the Animal to my hands no processing in Foreign counties hehehe


    Polished Camel Bone from Blanks no stain,,, Done right these look like Polished Ivory


    That should give you some ideas of what is possible Iknow I have pics of Elk Bone and Giraffe bone too I will post them if I find them
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    Thanks Glen. I have always liked the ivory look of the plain bone. And yeah I see bone scales on fleabay, but not very cheap. Some bone slabs but very few longer than 5" and wow, they are still just a little pricey for what I want to do. I am keeping my eye out though. I might give buffalo or cow bones a go.
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