Anyone out there Roast their own coffee ?

Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by Dave in KY, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Scanned back 5 pages and that was my limit to find an older thread to bring back to life. Differing coffee threads but nothing on Roasting and Grinding your own. I have a simple crock pot style roaster that continuously stirs the beans while roasting to get an even roast. Some prefer air or barrel roasters. This cheapy has worked for me for a little while now and I like it and the control it gives me.
    Coffee Bean Corral in Mississippi gets and order to me in 2 days and has been my preferred source. I still sample different areas but this Guatemalan Antigua has been the favorite my myself and spousal unit so far.

    First 2 pics are just hitting 1st Crack and last pic is after getting just into 2nd Crack and Sifting chaff and Cooling them at the same time. Next into a container that keeps fresh while allowing the CO2 off gassing for a day or so before putting into the Grinder Bin.
    IMG_20201214_075357014.jpg IMG_20201214_075400421.jpg IMG_20201214_080654278.jpg
  2. b1hart

    b1hart Well-Known Member

    Big number of coffee lovers here on TSD (being in that bunch myself).

    Not gone so far as to roast our own beans.....use CoffeeAM to source ours as of now. This looks very automatic though....interesting.

    Brewing wise....Recently went from a Bonavita 1900TS brewer to a Technivorm Moccamaster. The Bonavita (after 2.5 years) seems to be suffering from our hard water here in Dallas Fort Worth area, even with regular cleanings using the recommended Urnex packets. It's relegated to our camper. With the Moccamaster, trying to be diligent using filtered water 90% of the time (although the manual specifically says 100% tap water anywhere is fine with monthly cleanings). Also have set ups for pour over, French press, moka pot, etc. depending on the current craving.

    Here's one of my favorites in our kitchen:

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  3. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Nice @b1hart I use a simple Bunn maker but enjoy the roasting aspect. Not completely automatic but close to it. You control the amount of beans, temperature and get a feel for where you like it as far as where in the crack s you like it and by sight. Each bean choice will change how long it takes. :happy088:
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  4. J_Man

    J_Man right on the Mass border

    While I do love my coffee, I have never gone so far as to roast my own beans, but I do grind them myself before every pot.

    I also feel that there is no substitute for a French press

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  5. richgem

    richgem suffering from chronic clicker hand cramps

    I have a small mom-and-pop coffee roaster in walking distance so that's where I get my fix. I do however grind fresh when I brew. Usually French press.
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  6. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Sounds nice. Nothing like that here in the sticks but wish it was an option.
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  7. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    I have roasted my own for a couple of years now, using a Behmor 1600 plus. It does a decent job of preparing the beans for the grinder, which is then brewed either in a Bonavita or an Aeopress. My wife and I are saving up for an Allio Bullet, as it will allow me to roast 2.2 pounds (1 kg) at a time.

    Chris - enjoying learning, whatever the subject
  8. battle.munky

    battle.munky Has the menthol.munky on his back!

    We don't grind our own but we use PTs and it is shipped same day as roasting and makes it to us within 2 days. I've kicked around the idea of roasting my own beans before but I need another hobby like I need another hobby...

    We grind our own though. I use a Bodum pour over; it's a Chemex knock off.

    I tell you what though, few things beat fresh roasted beans. The aroma and flavor punch compared to grocery store coffee is remarkable.
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  9. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Roasting up some Rwandan Maboro now. Not a great bean last roast. Was a little ash like so going a lighter roast on it.
  10. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Do you roast and grind as needed, roast ahead of time and grind as needed, or roast and grind ahead of time?
  11. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Roast a pound when the grinder hopper is getting low so the beans can off gas the CO2 for a day or so. Grind the moment I make a pot.
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  12. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Did a small amount of the Rwandan and a pound of my favorite Guatemalan Antigua.
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  13. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    So many beans, so little time. I love Uganda beans, as well as some from Honduras. I don't roast too light, which seems to be the rage these days. I have had Rwanda beans in the past that were quite good, but I realize every farm is different.
  14. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    Okay, so you have to let it sit before you grind it, but you grind it as you use it?

    I'm sorry I am asking so many questions. You have to realize this is how I make coffee. Put water in reservoir, put filter in basket, put grounds in basket, close lid, place pot on heating element, and press "on".

    I'm just now really discovering there are other ways to make coffee that may make it taste better.
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  15. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    No problem at all and yes I grind enough to make a pot in the morning. I'm not a coffee snob as I get to microwave a cup in the morning if any is in the pot and then grind enough to start a fresh pot for the wife and more for me. This morning there is nothing in the pot so YAY for me I get fresh from the start. Here's my grinder which is nothing special and my 1st decent grinder. If fails I will upgrade to better but so far very happy with it. @$100 and just a $100 Bunn maker that keeps water hot in a reservoir so once started it makes a great pot in 3 minutes and also nothing special but very happy with it. I have a gifted french press you can see which makes a great cup of coffee if I want to take the time but normally don't as have 2-3 mugs in the morning and don't have time to fool with it. Any other questions I can answer I'm more than happy too.
    IMG_20201219_051436110.jpg IMG_20201219_051647319.jpg
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  16. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    I appreciate it. I think I need to up my coffee game when I get back to the States.
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  17. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    That answers my question as to if you were in the States. When will you be back? I see you use talc regularly and I have some I no longer use as I have breathing issues and don't want to chance it on a regular basis. Had them on the bay with no interest at my prices and would rather gift them to someone that would use.
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  18. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    I'm about like Dave with my coffee. If there is some in the pot come morning, it goes in the microwave before making a new pot. I use an Aeropress at the office, which makes one cup at a time, and a Bonavita at home. I roast about every 2-3 weeks and grind just before brewing, although I usually bring in a half pound or more ground coffee to the office. I tried using a hnd grinder, as an electric would be too noisy, and quickly decided it wasn't for me.

    Chris - enjoying learning, whatever the subject
  19. BigD

    BigD Well-Known Member

    I appreciate that. Let me know and I'll send you my mailing address in the States. I'll need it when I get home.
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  20. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

    Pulling from the bay now. PM your shipping info :happy088:
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