Aqua Velva

Discussion in 'Preshave and Aftershave' started by rick, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. otherstar

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    Sometimes simple is best...
  2. MiloFinch

    MiloFinch New Member

    $5.00 for a 3.5 oz bottle? I can get a 7oz bottle for just over $4 at my local drugstore. Something's not right here.
  3. sparky5693

    sparky5693 Administrator Staff Member

    As much as I use this stuff, my guess is something addictive.
  4. Scorpio

    Scorpio Big Hitter

    windshield wiper a bottle.

    Also available at Walton & Sons Emporium or your local Megalomart.

  5. TG_Charles

    TG_Charles Member

    Sparky, I think you've nailed it. It must be the "Agent Blue" that makes addicts of us. No wonder some men are reduced to drinking the stuff.

    J.B. Williams must have been a devious man.
  6. Exeter

    Exeter New Member

    ok ok...I can do Old Spice, but...this stuff is just -- well it FEELS fine, but after a while the smell just kind of...its not as bad as stale axe but....augh I can't put it into words! But it isn't good!
  7. crackstar

    crackstar Israeli Ambassador to TSD

    I'll admit Aqua Velva isn't a particularly fragrant scent, but it still smells clean and very manly.
  8. Queen of Blades

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    By your description I would say your body chemistry and AV probably don't blend well together.
  9. Empty_One

    Empty_One New Member

    Well, after reading this thread, I just had to go out and buy some. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my razor, brush, and soap to arrive, so I had to use my Fusion with the fusion Gel.


    Smell nice though, and the extreme burning went away, so all is good. :D
  10. Exeter

    Exeter New Member

    Very probably
  11. Masonjarjar

    Masonjarjar Active Member

    Oh, hi, hello Shave Den dudes.. so my first post here on the site is in the AV thread. I had me some years back when I was but a bachellor. I don't even think I really used it correctly (I kept it on my dresser in the bedroom, what does that tell you). Anyway, I don't know what happened to it, I either threw it away or dumped it out at some point.

    Picked up a bottle a few months back and am now an avid fan. I love the feel when putting it on, I love how it makes my face feel, even hours later I like the scent, but it really isn't an issue because, I don't need to use so much that the people around me actually smell it.

    What I find interesting is that it actually compliments some of my colognes, ranging from expensive stuff like Floris 89 all the way to Ogallala Bay Rum.

    I like the Musk too, but I actually use that as a cologne, it's just a bit too strong of a scent to be right on my face...

    on a side note, I recently picked up a bottle of Skin Bracer.. LOVE IT TOO. It wears very sweet after several hours, even leaning towards sandalwood or vetiver.. I don't know what the notes are but I really dig it.

  12. TG_Charles

    TG_Charles Member

    Wife: Honey, I just found a bottle of Aqua Velva in the refrigerator. Do you know anything about that?

    Me: I put it there, dear. I thought if I chilled it, it would add to the cooling affect when I splash it on my face.

    Wife: Sweet heart, do you have a drinking problem?

    Me: Hun? What are you talking about?

    Wife: I’ve heard that sailors drink Aqua Velva and you were in the Navy. Do you have more bottles of AV hidden around the house?

    Me: Hey, I don’t have a drinking problem. I read at the shaving forum that putting AV in the fridge gave it a little extra zing when you splash it on the face.

    Wife: Shaving forum? You belong to a shaving forum? Mother warned me that she thought you were a little strange.

    Just another day in the life of a shaving geek.
  13. -PO-

    -PO- New Member

  14. Queen of Blades

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  15. TG_Charles

    TG_Charles Member

    Ice Blue and Musk in some fancy bottles.

  16. Shep

    Shep The Shep Abides

    An AV sticky that's had a year hang time. Sweeeet Velva :signs021. Doesn't get daily use but it's in the rotation.
  17. Pokerstar

    Pokerstar New Member

    The truth behind Aqua Velva

    I have it on VERY good authority that the super secret, active ingredient in each and every bottle of Aqua Velva is........

    1 solitary drop of Chuck Norris' sweat.
  18. Fortran

    Fortran New Member


    Is that a treet in your picture? What are your thoughts on it? I bought one last Winter, and just have not been able to justify to myself using it on my face....shaves like a rusty pair of scissors if you all know what I mean :)
  19. Kapp EO

    Kapp EO New Member

    My dad bought me a bottle of Stetson when I first started shaving. :D

    Skin Bracer smells like Play-Doh.
  20. Ursa

    Ursa Well-Known Member

    Bought a bottle of Aqua Velva Ice Blue tonight just to see what the buzz is all about. What a clean, classic, timeless scent...and it gets even better after the alcohol fades away. I love it!! It will be a permanent fixture in the Ursa shave den.

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