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Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Edison Carter, May 3, 2019.

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    I have a Norton combo stone. 220/1000. It has been invaluable in correcting damaged bevels, and quickly setting a proper bevel.

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    What you need for rough work often depends on how bad the razor condition is. I like the old French razors, usually buy them cheap and they have no bevels and are really hard steel. This one, l’Espagnolette, arrived today is no exception and was more difficult than many other siblings, I threw a lot of coarse hones at it. Espagnolette means ‘window catch’ in French, so you might say to someone, ‘crack the window open and leave it on the catch’. You have to wonder... today French razors have knights in armor, wolves and sheep, bears and rams, old French razors were named after a window latch...

    As received, it had no bevel at all and a low place on the show side about 1” down from the toe with very coarse scratches. I started untaped with a 1k Shapton and wasn’t even close to hitting the apex, and the show side toe bevel and heel bevels were just looking at each other across that low gulf of coarse scratches which was nowhere close to hitting the hone. I taped up with 1 mil Kapton and tried a 320 Shapton Pro, a Naniwa 600, but eventually ended up with a 600 Atoma and spent probably 30 minutes or better removing the low spot and cutting new bevels. Fortunately the low spot wasn’t ground in up the hollow like so many modern razors, something had happened to it during it’s (hard) life, so it could be fixed. I’d say the bevel angle was about 60 degrees, so the plate was nowhere near hitting the apex for some time.

    600 Atoma until visually perfect
    1k, 2k, 4k Shapton Pro, final HHT bevel set test after 10/20 on the strop
    Nakayama pre-finisher w/diamond plate slurry
    Nakayama finisher w/tomo

    Et voilá! Parfait HHT!
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    Did a quick search on Norton’s. They are proud $$
    How often are you using the 220 side.
    I have a tiny Norton Crystolon and use the the 320 for bulk work/ problem children
    Thinking maybe just a straight 1000. Or 1000/4000
    I’m really trying not to let you enablers further poison me
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    Many of the razors i get have been abused, and need new bevels. Most need the 220, unless it is an extremely thin grind. Those that get the 220, dont stay on it long. It removes steel fast.
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    Wait where are the cookies???
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    An interesting twist on the ConvArkie.
    Coticule slurry added.

    The Adventures of Harry Headroom Home Honer continues....

    Having had a pleasing result on the wonky ZY with my new coticule, I figured it was time to visit the Gold Dollar.

    First I must admit to cheating. I am finishing to a polish with a pasted balsa progression to 1/10 micron. That said, I am also using the less popular convex stones.

    I bought these Chinese clunkers for my own education. The GD really looked rough but was not too bad getting a shave edge using tape and a Naniwa progression. I believe the steel to be very easy to chip on this piece leaving it a little on the rough side.

    I started with a muted edge and worked the coticule multiple ways with no resemblance of what I got before. Tried the ark, nah, just like before. Then just for kicks I took the coti bout and slurred on the black side of the ark. It had a nice smooth feedback like the coti.

    I have been using 'the thumbpad test' since it was a good indicator for me in the past. This combo gave a nice edge feel.

    At about 1 micron diamond the polish on the bevel was nice, but I could see a few remaining chips that will have to wait for another day.

    It shaved better than ever.

    Great experience.

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