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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by stan, Oct 22, 2020.

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  3. stan

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    False. Windsor Pro is made in China, like our Apple phones. The rest of their razors are still US made. Classic, Windsor and SE1 & 2.
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    Thanks for clearing that up. Is this Stan Hickman we have the pleasure of talking with?
  5. stan

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    Your most welcome. Yes its me. I have not been on here in a long time. After retirement me and the wife did some traveling, been in forty eight states so far. Then got a wild idea and sold our home of thirty two years and bought a fixer upper. Boy was it a Fixer upper. LOL. Our "new" home is a 1952 mid century modern that is all on one level. One level is good as you "mature".
    It is a pleasure talking with you guys. I have really been out of the razor world for a while. When I walked away I really walked away. I probably should have stayed in touch better. However, some of those "razor" years were pretty intense and consuming. Don't get me wrong, in totality it was very fulfilling but it was time to move on.
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    Thanks Stan for the reply. I am an avid ATT fan and own 8 base plates in aluminum and stainless steel, several handles and caps. I love the quality of my ATTs.

    There seems to some confusion as I stated earlier about the China manufacturing. I may have missed something on ATT's website and if I have I apologize. If I have not maybe a detailed statement would be beneficial to prevent future misunderstanding.

    Thanks again and enjoy your retirement and hang out on TSD more.

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    I didn’t know that.:signs002:
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  8. stan

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    Just for some clarification I checked with ATT for confirmation.

    Only the Windsor Pro in stainless or aluminum is made in China.

    All other ATT razors are made in the USA. This includes the Classic line, the Windsor and the single edge razors SE1 & SE2 in either stainless or aluminum. I hope this clears up some questions by some that all ATT razors were being made off shore. This is just not the case.

    However, off shore production has made it possible to offer ATT razors at a lower price point. This move has made it possiable for more customers to experience the fine quality razors Above the Tie is known for.
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  9. preidy

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    Hi Stan I got one of the last of the Copper ones. Glad I did. One solid and beautiful smooth shaver. Have a great retirement. IMG_2628(2).jpg
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  10. stan

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    Glad you like your Copper Windsor. I really liked them as well. One of my favorite models. Guess who does not have one!
    True story, as we were closing them out I told Matt I wanted one for myself. I was to late! LOL.
    At least I have one of the bronze Atlas razors with my name engraved on it. ;)
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  11. nav

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    The Windsor H plate with Atlas handle has blown me away!

    It's so efficient and incredibly smooth!
    The atlas handle is probably my favorite of all time!!
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  12. stan

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    I use the Windsor a lot. The Windsor Pro Matt has put out with its blade & head adjustments is quite remarkable. I can use the Windso Pro H plate and it feels as smooth to me as a R plate on the original Windsor.
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