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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Professor Yaffle, Nov 7, 2014.

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    You do rarely see case linings in that good of shape. It's pristine, or nearly so.
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    It's nice. But I wouldn't say $100 worth of nice. Maybe $50 to say you paid what it was worth. At $40 I would have said it was a good deal.

    I appreciate the argument of "you paid it, so it must be worth it," but I would say you overpaid.

    That said, I too have overpaid for a razor or two. And I chalk it up to being a learning experience. I'd say only keep it if it is a razor you were really wanting... Like your birth year razor or your "unicorn" or "White Whale." For me, I overpaid on a birth quarter Slim Adjustable once, and I overpaid on a Tech myself when I first started collecting. (You know, way back 4 months ago, when I was young and foolish. LOL.)

    If it's not your "White Whale," I'd say return it if you can.
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    Here's my 2 cents. :)

    Did you overpay, probably, but only as of now, as time passes the current price of these razors w/cases will go up, as all vintage razors seem to be doing, to match what you've currently paid. So the question is: Did you buy the razor for your collection or as an investment for a quick resale? If you bought it to collect(it is a REALLY nice razor and case) and you can afford the cost, there is no downside to keeping it IMO.

    Another plus for your purchase again IMO is the very nice condition of the case. Razors can be fairly easily cleaned, polished and/or replated, but good condition cases are harder to find and restore.

    Finally since you have a return option, you could go back to the seller explain that it was an impulse buy, show how your research seems to point to the razor being worth a little less than you've paid and ask if he/she will give you some type of rebate. :)
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  4. HoosierTrooper

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    No one other than you can answer that question.
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    So true.

    I own a very few things that I paid "too much" for. (much more than market value at the time for a similar item)
    I did so knowingly, and willingly because the item held special interest for me.
    Also, I wasn't in the mood, nor did I have to the time to wait around and see if another "popped up" for less.

    As I see it, the question each of us should ask ourselves before we make any non-essential purchase is,
    will this transaction dent my wallet such that it will take a necessary item away
    from a family member or other person who depends on me, or is it likely
    to cause a financial hardship later this week, month, etc?
  6. Well, I pulled the trigger again and returned it!

    It was in super condition, I didn't use it but it felt great although perhaps a little delicate for my big hands with the ball end handle. With my Muhle R89 Grande handle it felt nicely balanced though.

    I've since bought a long comb English new type. Haven't used it yet but was a very reasonable price and a nice collector piece.

    I have my eye on some Tech's, missed a fabulous one on eBay recently because I went out and forgot all about it. $16 delivered and looked pristine in a Bakelite box (no date code).

    I might go all out for a Feather AS D2. Everything I read about the quality and shave experience of this beautiful object says "buy me now"!

    I don't mind spending $100 on a razor (and the rest for a Feather) if I think it's worth it. Gut instinct said I was better to return this Tech and I don't regret it.

    Thanks for all the advice.

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