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Discussion in 'Vendor Reviews' started by Dewaine, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Dewaine

    Dewaine Well-Known Member

    I ordered my first set of Omega soaps and brushes from this vendor, and a couple of other things. The customer service is great (very fast shipping) with tracking number provided with shipment. A couple of free items were thrown in to my shipment, too. They offer gift wrapping so I will probably be using this vendor for gifts some time.
  2. Philq

    Philq New Member

    I purchased my first imported shave cream from Cait Barclay 15 years ago. Musgo Real. Since then I have ordered my every day staples from her. The service is first class, orders are shipped the same day when possible and responses by e-mail include tracking information. There is always a few samples of something in the package. They also send a e-news letter with a special deal for the readers. Their selection is abundant and they have their own products also. Cait is very good and I think everyone should give Barclay Crocker a try. :happy088

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