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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Chuck F, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Barrister and Mann products are outstanding. The shaving soap is a high performance blend that whips up in seconds into mountains of thick and creamy lather. The soaps I have are Bay Rum, Cheshire, Ferox, Lime, Lavender & Cedarwood, and the Vertiver, Heather, & Clary Sage. B&M's Alcohol-free Aftershave Kyovu is also excellent. The scents are Cheshire, Bay Rum, and Seville.
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  2. Omelmad

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    Sounds very nice! Now I wait for it to appear in stores in Sweden and I'm happy =)
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    That's gonna be a long wait. :smiley freezing:
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    Never. That's forever. Seems like such a long time.
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    Hahaha would be nice if they got it. But the price would triple =P
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  7. BigMark

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    So what is this rumor of limited edition soaps?
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  8. Chuck F

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    Not a rumor, word came directly from Will, who runs B&M. July 26 he's releasing:

    Petrichor (Tre Citta)
    Lavanille (Tallow)
    Arctique (Tre Citta)
    Roam Kyovu (aftershave)

    All are special/limited editions. The Roam aftershave is a run of only 40 bottles.

    (Petrichor is the smell of rain on dry earth, and is the one I'm most excited about.)
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  9. BigMark

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    Tre Citta!!!! Great, ADs are up and running again.
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    Whoa Nelly!
  11. Chuck F

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    These are available for sale now. I picked up one of each except the Arctique.
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  12. ChiefShaver

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    Scents sounds nice. But for me i will wait for a new batch of Nocturne. My absolute favorite from Barrister and Mann.

    Love the mix of apples with a touch of cinnamon...fresh,a bit sweet...great!!!
  13. Boojum1

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    I'm feeling pretty lucky today. I just scored a jar of ROAM, and a bottle of their Limited Edition ROAM KYOVU. It's a good thing I didn't make the The No Buy July deadline.
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  14. LookingGlass

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    Congrats on the Roam. I have five of Will's soaps and they all are top performers. However, the Roam is my favorite scent.

  15. JRod22

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    There after shave sounds fantastic but I have way too much aftershave to even consider buying it right now. Haha have to use some stuff up then i'll pick some up in the next 3-5 years. haha
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  16. Chuck F

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    They arrived today. I shaved with Petrichor and it is subtle but very, very nice. It's the kind of scent that makes you reach back in your memory trying to figure out where you know it from. I have decided that it is two parts "it's a mid autumn morning, a lot of leaves have fallen, it rained last night, and I'm walking in the woods" and one part "it's the hottest part of the summer and I got up early to mow the lawn before it gets really hot. The grass was full of dew but I cut it anyway and now the yard is full of wet clippings steaming in the sun."

    My initial reaction was that I wished the scent was stronger, but I think that would make it seem artificial. There is nothing else like it that I've tried or even heard about.

    Performance is just exactly as great as the other Tre Citta scents I've tried.

    The Lavanille I just smelled the dry puck and it is complex and interesting. I recently got a sample of Pour un Homme de Caron EdT (which was the inspiration for Lavanille) and it is fairly different, much less sweet/vanilla than Pour un Homme. But it may end up totally different once I actually lather it (probably tomorrow).
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  17. maltedmilk

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    Article Team
    Sounds like they nailed it...
    petrichor [fr. Gk petros, stone + ichor, fluid which flows in the veins of the gods] the pleasant loamy smell that often accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather
  18. Chuck F

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    Will keeps releasing new scents and I keep not refraining from buying them. Last week I got:
    • Caledonia Rose. Rose absolute and sandalwood EO. He says he was not able to get this to come out with the scent strength he wanted, and will not be making it again because of that. It is a lighter scent, but not ridiculously so. I did not feel like I had to go hunting for the scent at all. Rose is the prominent scent, supported by warm, woody sandalwood and a distinct cinnamon note.
    • Anise & Vetiver. Off the puck, this is straight-ahead intense licorice, similar to Stirling Anise, but when lathered, the vetiver shows up, but not in a way that you can really identify as vetiver-- just gives this woody/herbal complexity that takes it away from licorice candy and toward something like absinthe.
    • Vetyver Santal. Named for the vetiver and sandalwood essential oils in it, but the first, main thing that hits you is lemony citrus. The vetiver and sandalwood are there, providing depth and complexity. This is probably my favorite of the three. If you've tried Fine Accoutrements Clean Vetiver, I find them similar, and if you like Clean Vetiver you will very likely like this too.
    I also picked up another tub of Lavanille because it has become a real favorite and I want to have some in reserve.
  19. Tdmsu

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    I just got some Lavanille and it smells amazing! What a lush scent! I can hardly wait to use it tomorrow.
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  20. oldtrout

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    I purchased two flavors of Barrister and Mann soon after it hit the market. Then a third flavor maybe a month or two later. And although the soaps performed very well, the scents did not thrill me so I PIFed them.

    When the Foguere Aromatique was released I purchased a tub and was thrilled with the scent. Finally, a B&M scent that I really like!

    Then I purchased the Lavanille and when it arrived I smelled it and then put it away. I have a lot of soaps.

    About a month ago, I finally got around to lathering with the Lavanille. Normally, I'll use a soap for three or so days and then rotate, but the Lavanille scent blew me away. I've used it everyday since and I don't think I can stop. I find the scent intoxicating and addictive.

    Years ago, I fell in love with a soap and it was soon discontinued. And, since I've never love a soap's scent more than Lavanille, I feared the worst.

    Sure enough, Lavanille is no longer available, it has been discontinued.

    Maggards has a stash and I ordered two more tubs, but...
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