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Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Chuck F, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. beardybrewer

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    The bases aren't as muddled as all that. There is tallow or vegan. Tallow is what I consider to be his base, but you're right to mention vegan. I got both fougeres in Tre Ceta and think it is right up there with the tallow, some say slicker. I don't know anything about the black label base.
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  2. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    The Black Label base is the tallow formula tweaked a bit to work better in hard water. There will also be vegan Black Label, I don't know if that will be the same Tre Citta base or if it will also be tweaked. But Tre Citta is already hard water friendly.
  3. beardybrewer

    beardybrewer New Member

    I have pretty hard water and think they are already easy to lather. It can get confusing when there are too many bases and scents that it becomes impossible to try them all. In particular when there are so many special releases that samples aren't possible.

    In this case the demand is there to allow am artist to experiment, even with more divisive scents like Roam and Leviathan. Don't get caught up in the the specials unless you're already a fan.
  4. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    B&M recently released a new, more budget-conscious shaving soap called Latha. Goes for $10 for 4 oz. of soap in a plastic container (though currently it's at an introductory price of $8). It's a tallow soap but unlike their regular tallow line has no lanolin. Only comes in one scent. I got mine today, along with a matching aftershave, in time for my shave, so I gave it a try:


    Here is my "first impressions" review: Lathers very easily, performs and feels great, very slick, smells fresh, clean, barbershop-y, and a bit floral. On the mild side but appropriate for this scent. This is a reserved scent that just about anybody can use, not an audacious love-it-or-hate-it scent.

    The lather is interesting. I've noticed that a lot of soaps fall into two categories: most get kind of matte and hard when underhydrated, some even flaking off when really dry. Others, however, stay shiny but get clumpy and sticky when underhydrated. Tiki is one that falls in the 2nd category, as were previous generations of Stirling. Latha, unlike other B&M offerings, falls into the 2nd category. I started with a dry brush and got that shiny, clumpy, sticky stuff until I got enough water in it.

    It's not a problem, and it doesn't take too much water to get it hydrated, just an interesting difference I noticed between Latha formula and other B&M soaps.

    The aftershave is a nice non-alcohol splash, with a scent that is a little different than the soap. Same elements, but emphasized differently. It comes off more floral than the soap, like a flowershop or greenhouse, really felt like I was sniffing the leaves and stems of flowers in addition to the blooms. Still masculine and not too strong or long-lasting.

    Value is huge here. At the price it competes with Razorock and Stirling (most Stirling pucks are cheaper, but if you buy a puck and a container, as you get with Latha and RR, it comes out pretty close). I'd say performance-wise it's much better than Razorock (which I don't dislike!) and is comparable with Stirling.
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  5. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    For those keeping score, we're up to 4 B&M soap formulas in current production: regular tallow, Tre Citta (vegan), Black Label tallow and Latha tallow. This doesn't bother me a bit, as they all perform extremely well.
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  6. clint64

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    Chuck, thanks for a great review. B&M is one my list to try.
  7. JR Reyes

    JR Reyes I scream for....chicken wings??

    @Chuck F. I really like your breakdown of the lather performance categories and follow what your saying. Can you humor us with a Latha shot to show what it looks like whipped up...thanks.
  8. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    I'll try to remember to take one next time I use it!
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  9. BigMark

    BigMark Tests razors by shaving Wookies

    "Latha" Being a Yankee I have to say I like that name ;). And the lack of lanolin shouldn't be an issue since it looks to contain Shea Butter.
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  10. Tdmsu

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    My Latha set came in today. I put on some aftershave and it makes my skin feel very good. The scent is a pleasant floral. I'll shave with them tomorrow.
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  11. ps1160

    ps1160 Well-Known Member

    Close to finishing off this soap, but I am prepared with its replacement. Wow has the packaging changed.

    Fortunately, it is still the same fantastic soap inside the container.

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  12. JR Reyes

    JR Reyes I scream for....chicken wings??


    Go ahead and crack open the new one...I will polish off the old tin for If its worthy of a replacement I must try this scent. It's pretty popular since it sells out fairly quick.

    Has any one tried the B&M Black Label yet? I have my eyes set on trying Lavender, but wanted some feedback before I pull the trigger.

  13. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    I have the Black Label Baudelaire. Performance is very similar to their regular tallow formula, but less thirsty.
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  14. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    This one of mine is about done:


    I have a replacement of the Imperiale but not the Aromatique.
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  15. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    Your wish is my command:



    Here's what was left after three passes:

  16. JR Reyes

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    Now that sir is a NEXT level Lather Shot...Bravo Chuck!

    Please tell me you scored some of the new fireside scent.
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  17. Chuck F

    Chuck F Cheesy! Big Curd style

    Thanks! Fireside sounds great and I'll probably pick some up in January. But I recently picked up Black Label Lavender, Black Label Orange & Cedar, Adagio and a couple duplicates if scents I already have (at least one possibly destined for a certain box pass...) off a B/S/T on anther site.
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  18. numerouno

    numerouno Member

    I have tried a sample of their bay rum scent and preferred it over Stirling !
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  19. theFAT98

    theFAT98 Well-Known Member

    I have Cheshire on the way. Should be here today.
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  20. JR Reyes

    JR Reyes I scream for....chicken wings??

    @Chuck F I have the black label lavender high on my 'next to try' list...I'm curious how well it performs. If the scent is not too far from levenille, I will hunt one down for sure.

    I can always count on Chuck to snag the latest and greatest from B&'re the man!
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