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  1. Jordan Smith

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    Hey folks, new here and looking to learn. I’ve shaven with a safety for several years. I love trying new products. My favorite blade is the voskhod Teflon coated. I got started through AOS but found they’re overpriced (can find almost everything on amazon for cheaper) I am starting with a straight now. I bought a cheap antique to practice honing before I buy an expensive blade. Which brings me here!!!

    So far:
    So my razor is a h Boker & Co. it says No 35 on it but no idea what that means. I bought the full Norton kit to hone it and watched several videos on how. I set the bevel (I think) and it passed the thumb nail test (just assume everything is followed with I think.) I then moved on and did a pyramid x pattern that I saw on some other site on the 4/8. The edge looked smooth with no burs or over honed edge under a bright light inspection using the reflection. I don’t have a jewelers magnifier. However, for the life of me I could not pass the hair test. I honed for over 2 hours restarting twice all the way from resetting the bevel. Still not hanging hair test pass. I read somewhere that some razors won’t pass a HHT so I shaved my cheeks and side burns anyways (first time ever with SR) no cuts but it tugged a lot so obviously it’s dull. I stropped before I shaved. Also I used electric tape the first bevel set and then didn’t for the second time. I did the basics like lapping with pencil marks and soaking stones in water. For my bevel set I used the 220/1000. Also one side of the cutting edge seems thicker/ longer than the other. I have lots of questions and in need of lots of help. Also I’m in Southern California if anyone knows of a workshop. I know I’m probably doing a lot wrong. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Jordan, welcome to The Shave Den! You're off to a great start. The SR experts will be along shortly to help you out.

    Seeing your avatar...thank you for your service!
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    Welcome, Jordan. I can’t help you with SRs but there certainly are a lot of folks here that can answer your questions. Be sure to check out the Tutorials and the Straight Razor categories under Forums. Enjoy!
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    Hi from an old, retired Air Force guy.
    Thanks for serving!
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    Supporting Vendor
    Hello and welcome!
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    Semper Fi my Brother welcome aboard.
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  7. NCoxSTL


    Welcome aboard! The face you already love Voskhod proves you're highly intelligent! You've found the friendliest and most knowledgeable bunch of shaving geeks on the web and the SR guys will have you up and running in no time!
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    Hi! New to straights too but not even looking at honing. Someone here will be able to give you some great advice! :signs046:
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  9. Troy M

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    Thanks brother! Semper fi
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  11. Jordan Smith

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    Hey guys! Thanks for the hasty support! Much appreciated
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  12. Enrico

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    :signs046: @Jordan Smith from western NY, glad you decided to join us at TSD. My information for you will be limited due that I shave with DE and SE, but regarding soaps and brushes, we can discuss much. :cool:
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  14. RyX

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    Welcome @Jordan Smith! Thank you for your Service. Glad you signed up and brought your experience with you. Honing straight razors is the brick wall I haven't crossed yet. TSD has a number of members that do have the skills and they'll be along soon to share tips & tricks.
    Since you are new to our group, take a moment to visit The Newbie Giveaway. Read the rules to be sure you qualify.
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  15. PLAla

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    Hello and welcome from Alabama. Lots of very knowledgeable straight razor guys here. You'll get lots of help!
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  16. jimjo1031

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    Welcome to the Den.
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  17. Jim99

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    Welcome from West Michigan! Now you probably don’t wanna hear this, but; get yourself a honed razor and learn what a sharp razor is. Learn to shave and strop. Begin your honing quest by learning how to maintain an edge. Once you have a good handle on these basics, latch onto a decent second straight and start from scratch at that point. I never mess with the hanging hair test, I do the ultimate test called “the shave test” then there’s no doubts weather the edge is sharp or not:)
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    Article Team
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    Welcome to TSD.
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