Bespoke blades?

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Rio Bravo, May 1, 2015.

  1. Rio Bravo

    Rio Bravo Well-Known Member

    Apologies for the delay in communication but I have been really busy. Any way, as some of you are aware, I am the proud owner of a Laurel Ladies Boudoir Safety Razor. Is it possible to commission a company to make blades? Anyone ever heard of such a request before? I know its daft but I want to use it and need blades. I'm not after pinching anyone's stock. Please provide me as much info as possible.
  2. swarden43

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    I talked to someone about punching out Segal blades, a proprietary blade for the Segal razor. At several hundred bucks for the initial set up, I could never purchase enough to warrant the cost.
  3. Rio Bravo

    Rio Bravo Well-Known Member

    I thought as much. Such a shame. Well, you never know, someone might know something to assist or a company that might be able to work some magic at a reasonable rate.
  4. Cap7597

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    Interesting thought

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