Best Knots?

Discussion in 'The Brush' started by rmcintyre84, Feb 19, 2022.

  1. pocosso

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    Yes, as far as I know, only Badger. But they Knots are over the top!

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  2. Shaver X

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    Let's not forget about horsehair brushes. Ol' Seabiscuit makes for some great brushes. After reading reviews about horsehair brushes, I got a Vie-Long Epsilon model GC13900/3, and couldn't be happier. Claim's that horse has the backbone of boar and the softness of badger are pretty much true. Mine has not shed in over 7 years of daily use.

    Mine came from Gifts and Care, and they are probably on Amazon by now.

    Here is my review, in case anyone finds it useful:

    Hi ho Silver, away! ;)
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  3. SterFry

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    I'm sure most of you already know, but 25mm Muhle STFv2 knots are once again available.
  4. huck1680

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    Zenith makes an absolutely terrific boar brush(s)
  5. ChiefShaver

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    My ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE favorite knot at the moment is a Synthetic knot from AP Shave Co…the G5C…man, i can tell you…this is so close to a Silvertip as a Synthetic knot can be. Holds water and retains heat a little, splays wonderful after 3-4 uses and has just the right amount of backbone. I am HIGHLY impressed with it. Just ordered a new handle from Shavemac and will order this knot again for this handle. It is fantastic. Give it a go if you are interested.
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  6. SterFry

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    The g5C is the current pinnacle of brush making technology. Absolutely amazing brushes for people that like a lot of backbone. In many cases softness and backbone are inversely proportional to one another, which isn't at all the case with the g5 series.
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