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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Gillette_Man, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. tjgriffin

    tjgriffin Active Member

    Ok, seriously, whadja use to clean it?
  2. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    Good old MAAS. ;)
  3. Tinkerputzer

    Tinkerputzer Member

    Those pictures always make me very happy. Probably what drives me to frequent local flea markets every weekend. I'm new here, but not to gillettes. Chris I'm glad you found a new home. You bring a lot to the gillette safety razor collecting community

  4. SlagleRock

    SlagleRock Member

    The best score I've had so far was pure luck at its finest! I bid on a "50's style Gillette, gold color razor" according to the description. I won the auction at $7.35 with shipping it cost me $10.35.

    After I got it I started looking on here and B&B and realized that what I actually had was a pristine Diplomat. It is in such good shape I highly doubt it has ever been used. Not a single scratch, mark or flaw of any type. It was purely my "greenness" to DE's that led me to it but I am grateful it did!:D

    Hell, at the time I just thought a gold razor would be neat :happy102
  5. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Welcome Jared! This sure is a nice comfortable place to hang out and I'm glad I found it also. Thanks for the compliment. :ashamed001 I'm just trying to learn and help out where I can.
  6. rodd

    rodd Knotty Boy

    Nice score! No pictures in the auction?
  7. Tinkerputzer

    Tinkerputzer Member

    My best is probably the president, which is now a mainstay in my rotation, I scored out of this lot for a very reasonable price ;) All but the president and the red tips ended up being complete junk.

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  8. MTgrayling

    MTgrayling Rocket Man

    Good eyes! Lots can be had for very reasonable prices, but alot of times can contain junk.
  9. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    $20 for this Brit #15.....mines on the left

  10. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    Sweet, Rick! :drool
  11. Tinkerputzer

    Tinkerputzer Member

    Rick, you totally beat me to that one. I wanted it sooo bad. Needless to say you got a great deal. How did it turn out? Did you get the blade exposure problem fixed?
  12. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    um.....I'm "rick". You are "Rick". Lets be clear on that :)

    All the hype for these bad boys is right on.
    Dont know if theyre worth 1 to 2 Benjamins or not, but man !!!! they shave great.

    j/k about the name thang, BTW
  13. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    I have done absolutely NOTHING to that razor.
    Dropped a blade in her, took a big gulp of liquid courage, and went to town.
    Shaves JUST fine.
  14. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    +1 I just got a #16, and there is a night and day difference between the American and British Gillettes.

    From now on, you can be little "r", and I'll be big "R" -- which is probably appropriate, since I am 6' 5". ;)
  15. rick

    rick I'll make ya SCream!

    Works for me.
    I wont tell you what my "peers" call me........I'm a Jr and my Dad's name is "Dick".

    6'0" 185# here. Yep. Youre big R
  16. Gillette_Man

    Gillette_Man New Member

    I think I got this one figured out! :D
  17. SlagleRock

    SlagleRock Member

    I'll have to look, if I can find it or get time to take a pic I'll post it here.
  18. redorchestra

    redorchestra New Member

    Still looking for my best score. I want a Famex DE from France!
  19. AsylumGuido

    AsylumGuido New Member

    Here's a few of mine:

    That is a 1954 TV Special on the bottom with it's box on the right.

    The highlights of this one were the Champagne Lady Gillette and the minty fat handle Tech in the case, which is in my display case.

    This one included that huge C-MON Neck Duster, which a fellow TSD member is now turning into a classy badger brush, my great-grandfather's Geneva Cutlery straight and hone and the mint Gold Tech on the lower right.

    The minty SS in the case made this haul's best.

    The biggies in this one was the Aristocrat in the center bottom (still in my rotation), the Gold New Standard on the upper left (I since added the Gold blade bank and it now lives in the display case), the Red & Black New Special on upper right (also in display case) and a minty Red Tip SS.

    This one included the Gold Stahly, a minty Gold Tech (display cased now) and another Red & Black New Set.

    And this near mint Slim without instructions.

    Here's a group shot of that haul.

    Soon thereafter, I found this mint Slim with case, instructions and unused dispenser.

    Small haul highlighted by my 1920 silver plated Old Type Bulldog (main go to razor) and the Federal Simplex Military in its original box.

    This one included the slick Aristocrat Adjustable, the 1919 Old Type Standard (rotation razor), the Star Military and a '48-'50 Milord.

    The Executive!!

    Gold Tuckaway set completed in this one and a case for my 1919 Old Type!

    More recently ... 1947ish Eversharp-Schick Fashion Razor Type H ...

    ... Schick Type M2 Adjustable ...

    ... an Old Type pocket edition (display case) ...

    ... and a mint 1964-1978 Old Spice mug with original soap puck and cover.

    To be honest, I've gotten a bit slack about keeping up with haul pictures recently. I need to get back into the habot.
  20. scottydoint

    scottydoint Member

    any 195 prototypes yet Guido?:D

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