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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Gibbs, Jul 14, 2011.

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    I got a new, blister pack of a BIC DE razor (3 piece) and accompanying BIC Chrome Platinum 5 pack blades (blades made in Greece) in the mail today. Came courtesy of eBay purchase and from China. Cost was reasonable. Razor is steel head with the typical 3 piece assembly for the blade and razor.

    For now, I will let you know about the shave. I still have skin, but it's only because I have been doing this for a while. While the LORD 1822L I have might be well considered a mild razor, this one, the BIC is on the opposite end. If you like an aggressive razor, like the Gillette Red tip or you adjustable set on 9, you might find this quite a nice razor.

    I started out with one of the supplied BIC blades and after well lathered up noticed that it was really cutting. I thought maybe the BIC blade was not quite like what I was using, so I switched to a Persona Platinum. It helped some, but it still gave the impression that it was ready to remove what it needed and then some. I've got no razor burn, but that is not to say my neck is entirely comfortable tonight. No nicks and no visible burn, but some irritation.

    After the first pass with the BIC I reached in the drawer and grabbed a Gillette 1960 Super Adjustable with the long handle and set it at 7. I couldn't even feel that the razor was cutting or doing anything. The BIC had gleaned so close that the second pass was kind of an exercise of putting on lather with the brush and taking off the lather with the razor. I can only imagine what it might be like with a super sharp Feather blade.

    Fit in the razor was good, and the threading is good steel and shows no sign of lack of quality. When I take pictures I'll show the "gap" of the blade to the guard. Enough space in there to throw a cat though. I've shaved with a shavette and 1/2 of a DE blade, but I was able to adjust the pitch and cut well with it and really got along fine. This razor can sneak up on you and before you know it, you've really gotten a closer shave than you might have wanted.

    $11.99 and FREE shipping. I won't loose sleep over the razor, and it is a new BIC that is for sure. And, it does not take that long to get here from China.
    Defenitely not a Walmart item.


    The 3 pieces. Seems like they are made of stamped Stainless Steel


    BIC with a blade in it. You can kind of see what I mean by plenty of gap in there.


    The END of the razor with the blade in it.


    And, finally, a view from the top.


    I never knew until I looked at the picture for editing and posting that the blade is not square with the razor head. I just double checked and you CAN put the blade in there and tighten up and get it square with the world. Howver, you can also get it canted in there, as the picture does show. It is a bright polished finish on top, and would shine, had my fingerprints not been on there.. LOL
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    That does have quite a bit of gap and blade exposure to it. I'll stick to milder razors, I've learned my lesson on aggression.
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    What he said. My old face doesn't care for overly aggressive razors any longer

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