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    For your consideration is a Biedermeier straight razor from H Eicker and Sohne (Solingen Wald)

    5/8 full hollow. A small amount of honewear, but it even.

    Free aftershave with purchase of Straight- C.O. Bigelow, Arko Cooling Cream

    These razors are known for the ability to take an extremely sharp edge.

    3 pin design which was reserved for the higher end models. Clean and near mirror finish with some minor pitting and water marks

    Razor closes centered. Top and bottom jimps. Pins are nice and snug. Great razor for a newbie or pro. I will include 1 free touch up with this purchase

    Made shave ready by honemeister holliforpirating.

    65 shipped US which includes delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional, but I will not be held for accountable for lost items.
    I will ship interenational, but please PM me so I can give you the actual shipping costs.




    Up Next is a Salamander Wedge 5/8 by Foche Solingen I bought this one from a collector and he did an excellent job of preserving it over the years. It was NOS when I bought it. Bluing is still in tact, no noticeable defects, Holli was the first person to hone it so their is virtually no honewear. It looks brand new. Pins are tight and closes centered.

    Holliforpirating has honed it and is shave ready. I will offer one free honing/touch up with purchase. Your choice of either Arko or C.O. Bigelow Aftershave free with purchase.

    70 Dollars CONUS which includes delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional, but I will not be held for lost packages.
    International members-please PM me for actual shipping costs

    NOS Colgate Cup Soap

    This is the good kind of Colgate shaving soap. I believe they came out with a Colgate "Mug" Soap which wasn't as good.
    This soaps gets many positive reviews. 10 dollars shipped.

    NOS Williams Soap-
    Great stuff right here. I went on a Vintage Williams shopping spree for a few months and need to unload a few pucks
    The first puck is made in Cranford NJ and no date code. This is suspected to be from 75 or 76 according to this thread
    If you have not tried Vintage Williams, you owe it to yourself. Thick, rich, protective lather with such a simple ingredient list.
    Vintage Williams can holds it own with almost any soap made today and in some cases is much better.

    12 dollars shipped

    Cade Shaving Soap-
    I have 2 unopen pucks of Cade shaving soap. Another excellent soap that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

    13 shipped for each or 21 shipped for both.

    Finallly, I have a tube of Crabtree and Evelynn Sandalwood Shaving Cream in Sandalwood ~75% remaining
    No longer made, but has one of my favorite Sandalwood smells.
    14 by itself or 9 with any other purchase,

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