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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Demidog, Oct 22, 2016.

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    You should probably inform your supplier that if polsilvers are discontinued nobody bothered to inform the manufacturer lol

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    Voskhod/Razorock Mission

    I cannot remember the last time I was this excited to try a blade. My excitement came from all the amazing reviews I have read about these blades and my expectations were very high. I will say for the record that this blade did not live up to the expectations I had for it. Don't get me wrong. The blade did a fine job shaving off 3 days of growth without a problem. No blood, no irritation and no problem. It just didn't blow me away like a few other blades have. I don't find these blades to be very sharp and there were a few uncomfortable spots on my chin. Other sharper blades handle this spot far better than this blade did. It's a fine blade that is somewhat sharp and decently smooth, but it just didn't knock me over. I will see how shaves 2 and 3 go with only having 2 days of growth instead of 3.
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    I gave a glowing review the first time that I used this blade and I ended up purchasing the 100 pack but subsequent blades haven't been as good. I've used 3 or 4 blades from the first tuck and all but one gave me some lousy shaves. The one good blade did give me an exceptional shave the first time that I used it but I was pretty disappointed with the other blades. After using a Kai and Polsilver, I definitely wish that I had opted for one of those as my first 100 pack instead. In retrospect I also think that Ladas blades were slightly better. I love smoothness but sharpness is still key for me and the Ladas blade that I used happened to feel somewhat sharper.
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    Ran across this thread and figured I'd throw in my two cents. I've auditioned a lot of the blades mentioned here in the razors in my rotation. Instead of boring you recapping each, I'll tell you the blades that did and did not work for me.
    Blades that did not work for me: Astra SP, Derby, Bolzano, Feather.
    Blades that worked for me and the razors that I'll be using them in:
    NEW SC- Gillette Silver Blue
    Super Adjustable 109- Voskhod
    EJ DE89- Shark Super Chromium
    Parker 99r- TBD, but it's looking like a tie between the 7 o'clock Green and Voskhod, with a slight lead to the Voskie.
    All blades were used Sun.-Fri., 2-2.5 pass shaves, except Sunday which were traditional 3 passers against two day growths.
    All blades mentioned above plus Wilkinson Sword(black case) were auditioned.
    As mentioned just my two cents. YMMV.
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  6. Christopher Powell

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    Here is a brief follow up to my Voskhod review. I shaved 2 more time with this blade since my review. The 2nd shave was ok but the 3rd shave tonight wasn't great. Voskhod blades might be a 2 and out blade for me. For me, these blades aren't very impressive.
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    I'm starting to feel the same way unfortunately. Pulled another Voskhod out of my 100 pack and it paled in comparison to the Kai and Polsilver. Thinking it might be time for a trade and that I should just revisit the Voskhod some time again in the future.

    I'm curious to know what you'll think of Ladas if you have any to sample.
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    There are a number of sites saying that Polsilver blades are still being produced. Proctor and Gamble is changing their distribution, marketing and packaging - but the same blade is still available and being produced at the same factory in St Petersburg, Russia. Below is the statement on West Coast Shaving's site. I just bought 200.


    The Super Iridium double edge blades were a popular blade before they were discontinued. Or at least that's what we thought happened to them. Turns out there was a distribution change and the blades are still being made in St. Petersburg, Russia. They are packaged slightly different, but they are the same great blade. Sharp and smooth.

    5 blades per pack.

    Made in Russia."
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    Figured I'd throw my two cents in since I just finished using the Voskhod in my SA-109. I use a blade for my shave week(Sun-Fri). Sunday's shave is a traditional 3 passer. The rest of the week are 2.5. So for the week, we're talking 15.5 "shaves". Pretty solid if you ask me. Friday's shave sometimes is a little draggy but not much. I love my Russian steel!
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    Blade: Treet carbon steel

    My setup was a Slim, Proraso pre-shave, Proraso white cream, witch hazel, and Proraso white aftershave balm. This blade wasn't too shabby. Treet really seems to know what they're doing. The first few strokes didn't feel too great but the blade quickly smoothed out, similar to my experience with the Ladas blade. However, I still had a few snags and some painful moments but the blade definitely wasn't to blame for some of those.

    Overall, it had good smoothness and sharpness. I got a very presentable shave without having to work too hard for it unlike less sharp blades that won't seem to cut some stubble no matter what I do. I'm not sure how long the blades will last given that they are carbon steel but they really look great and stand apart from my other blades since they are black. If I can get three decent shaves out of one blade, I would definitely buy these in the future.

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    Nice blades and good value too. I think these are better than the super platinum Treets. Being Carbon steel you have to dry them thoroughly or spray them with alcohol after every shave to prevent rust.
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