Botacario De Havana

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    posted on pre shave also, big fan of Botacario De Havana shave creme, has anybody tried, opinions? If so any thing similiar , no longer made. thanks
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    First time hearing of it. Where was it made?

    Edit: alright, still have no idea if it's a lathering shave cream or not. Found the scent description, so at least some of the members here who like that sort of scent profile can steer you in the right direction.

    Catie's Bubbles (I think) will make custom scents upon request, so you might want to look her up. She's on Facebook, I think, and also has a website.

    "The collection’s fragrance is based on Archipelago’s bestselling home fragrance blend of Bergamot, Tobacco Leaf and Ylang Ylang, but Boticario de Havana features a more concentrated, clean and citrusy Bergamot component which is the perfect unisex scent for personal care products."
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    Thats awfully nice of you for information. It is actually a pre-shave cream, has a very high moistuerizing ability that works great as a after-shave baum as well. Admit to starting to hoard it when they stopped making it, funny never thought I could become so obsessed about a shaving cream but I have, search the internet looking for closeouts. In regards to smell, tried a few others but all were to strong, was going to try the wood/spice by poraso or the white. Again Thank you very much
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