Brain Tumor Awareness Week

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by lradke, Mar 14, 2017.

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    Da nada.
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  2. crackstar

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    Luke, my dear friend may God guide you back to good health. With His help you bounce back and pull through like a tiger!
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  3. Carbide Mike

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    Any problems with the facial nerves, and inner ear are very hard to diagnose, and many of us get sent from Dr to Dr. I started out at my General practitioner, which led to the dentist, oral surgeon, ENT, neurologist, Lyme doctor, infectious disease dr, tropical disease dr, rheumatologist, neurosurgeon, and pain doctor, still with no clue. I wrote letters to congressman, senators, and my doctors were doing the same, feverishly trying to get me in NIH for rare diseases. I was finally admitted. Recovery is slow and does work. It takes a lot, but you have what it takes. . The nerve eventually comes back , and this is when pain is a good sign !. There are alot of good people here and we all here for you when you need anything.
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    Another warrior speaks!
    We stand with you too compadre!
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  5. lradke

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    Thanks. I hope he was able to make a great recovery.

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  6. lradke

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    I completely lucked out. My trip was only 2 doctors long before the diagnosis. It took took a long wait because of the Canadian system. I am so sorry you got the run around. :(

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  7. lradke

    lradke and doggone it, people like me

    Thanks Jeff! He's definitely helping. :). I realized yesterday I stopped using the cane around the house...I'm not in a big place by any means, but nice to see I am steady enough to get to the sink without assistance. (And then I take a nice break of course. :) )

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    That's what I call great news!
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  9. Paul Turner

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    I have a cousin who suffered from a brain tumor-we recently saw his sister(well, another cousin, of course)who says he's been doing very well of late, as he learns to resume his life having had it. He's a Vietnam vet, and from what we all understand, the war made him a different, changed, man.
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    @lradke , I'm praying for you.
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  11. DaltonGang

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    He's doing well now, thanks.
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  12. gzp

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    Congratulations on the successful surgery and best wishes for your continuing recovery.
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  13. PickledNorthern

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    Luke, I am really glad to hear that this went okay. It has been a long road for you, but hopefully the end is really in sight now. Heal up and go take some more pics!
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  14. lradke

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    Thanks and it really has been. :(

    All my friends are stoked to take me out again at night (and have a bunch of hikes planned for the summer that they are insisting on carrying all my gear for too)... Hopefully in another month or so I'll start having something to share. :)

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  15. Sevenbark

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    Have a speedy recovery.

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  16. Redfisher

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    I'm glad you will recover from this, truly a blessing. I have another story to relate.
    On the 12th of February my wife had weakness in her left leg while kayaking and was unable to stand from her boat. It was a Sunday so we got her in to the doctor the next day. The primary care doc ordered a CT scan and after seeing that we were sent for an MRI the following day. The results showed a mass in her brain and was admitted into the hospital fearing the possibility of a seizure. After a biopsy it was determined that she had an inoperable tumor. (glioblastoma Multiform). By the time we returned home after a 10 day stay she had lost mobility on the left side if her body.
    She is now undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy in the hope that we can gain some control over the tumor.
    She later said that she had felt out of balance for a couple of weeks prior but ignored it thinking it would away as probably anyone would do.
    Had we found it earlier she would very likely be mobile instead of being confined to a wheelchair and needing assistance for everything.
    So my point here is that if you feel any of the symptoms, balance, numbness, headaches, vision issues etc. insist upon imaging services without delay. Don't wait and don't take excuses. this is very important .

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