Brand new to this hobby: Gillette super speed - just bought one

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Dr. Fitness, May 3, 2009.

  1. Dr. Fitness

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    Hello all,

    I just got a Gillette Super Speed and I've been shaving with it. Really like it. Seems to be a cheaper way to shave then the M3 I was using. Bought a box of blades (250 for 50$) I'm trying to date the razor. It is stamped F4.

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    Congrats on the Super Speed. My SS is my favorite razor. Now, what blades, soap, brush, etc. are you using? I'm guessing super platinum personna blades from the quantity and price.
  5. Etoyoc

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    Welcome to the Den!
  6. Dr. Fitness

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    uh oh, I don't know if I'm that deep in it yet. As for as "soap, brush, etc," I just use Edge Shaving Gel like I did when I used my disposable razor. Should I be using something else? Remember now, I got into this to SAVE money, instead of dumping all that cash I had been into those M3 blades that go dull so fast

    Gimme a second, let me get my box of blades that I use for my Super Speed -
    "Personna Super maed by the American Safety Razor Company.

    When I picked up my SS, I did buy a box (10 blades) of "Feather New Hi-Stainless Platinum Coated Blades." They were $8.00 for 10.

    My SS is the adjustable kind. When I play with the adjustment dial, I really don't see the blade move that much. I first shaved with it set on 9 and I cut myself a little. I now have it set on 3 and it's great.

    Looking on ebay, I see what they sell for. I'm kinda embarrased at how much I spent on mine. Just kinda got caught up in the moment and had to have it.

    I gotta head over to newbie corner now
  7. Dr. Fitness

    Dr. Fitness New Member

    thank you. yup, 1960
  8. Etoyoc

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    It sounds like you have a Fatboy adjustable then.

    Yes, a brush and shaving soap will make some major improvements and they don't have to be expensive. You can pick up Van Der Hagen or Williams cheap at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc... you can also get a cheap board brush at those places as well. It will make a big improvement over the canned stuff.

    Have you watched Mantic's shaving videos on youtube?
  9. Dr. Fitness

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    thanks. i'll pick that stuff up tommorrow. I'll go watch that shave video now. maybe you could post a link or two in case I can't find it.

  10. Etoyoc

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    Welcome to the Den!

    Sounds like you're using my favorite razor, a Fat Boy. 3 is the perfect setting for me most of the time too. An inexpensive boar brush and some Williams Soap (a puck costs about a buck), will give you some great, slick lather. VDH (VanDerHagen) soap is also inexpensive and works well. The mantic59 videos are a must. They're entertaining and will save you a lot of guesswork while you're learning to get great shaves.

    Glad you're enjoying your DE shaves and glad you're here!

  12. Dr. Fitness

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    OH MAN! Those videos are great!!!!!!!!
  13. otherstar

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    Welcome to the Den!

    It is possible to save money shaving this way. Many of us opt for products that are locally available such as VDH (Van Der Hagen) soaps and brushes that are often available at Wal-Mart, Williams which can often be found at Walgreen's or CVS, and Kiss My Face Creams that some health food stores carry.

    I've found that blades are cheapest when purchased online. But I was figuring in number of shaves into the equation so I'm getting more bang for my buck. I use Derby blades for the most part while I only get about 3 shaves out of the blades I can get at the local Wal-Mart.
  14. Reformation Student

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    That's what we all first :happy102
  15. JayKay

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    I recommend the Vulfix 849 as a cheap-ish brush to get started with. It'll last you a good long time. Also try some different blades. A good tripple milled soap lasts a damn long time as well.
  16. ctakim

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    That is what I tell my wife, I'm into wet shaving because it saves money. Of course I've purchased over 100 razors over the past 6 months, but I'm in this to save save save money. Repeat this mantra a few hundred more times and I just might believe it myself!:)
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    Welcome to the den! Enjoy your shaves!
  19. Dr. Mike

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    This little addiction CAN lead to out of control purchasing. If that is what you want to avoid, then I would also suggest to keep something else in mind. Originally shaving products were bought to last a while - sometimes a lifetime. You will notice guys using razors here that are 100 years old or older. I don't know if in 100 years people will be trading vintage Mach 3's to actually use.

    For brushes, again, if you consider the long-term cost, it ends up not being that much. You can get some very nice brushes for the $50 price range. If that then lasts you 10 years, you have a cost of ~$5/year. If you then buy a couple of nice triple-milled soaps, they could very well last you a year.

    Don't get me wrong, you can also spend a lot of money, and it turns into a slippery slope! And we aren't exactly known for helping guys buy LESS shaving stuff.:happy102

    But enjoy it. I think we all got into this with the same attitude as you - saving money. Now we realize how much better these products are than what is currently mass-marketed, and the shave has returned to being an enjoyable daily ritual, and you seek out new ways to enhance it!
  20. jbcohen

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    First :signs046 Washington, DC waves

    Second, let me give you some infromation here:

    Here are the equipment that you will need to do the wet shaving job:

    1) a razor - sounds like you have a slim so you have this covered
    2) some soap, cream or stick
    3) a brush - comes in boar or badger forms
    4) double edge blades
    5) after shave - not strictly required but makes things more interesting

    Your confusion about the edge is understandable, this is what is often referred to as goop in a can around here becuase of its sub-standard quality. You will need to pick do you want to stay with cream or transition to a soap or transition to a stick? Only you can answer the question, and perhaps you should get one of each so that you can make an informed choice. Some creams with produce a lather, however most will not these days. You will know a quality cream which will produce a lather by two things: 1) It will come in a tube; 2) look at the directions on the tube it will say something about lathering the product. Here are two brand names that will lather well for you - Kiss My Face and CO Bigilow. Some creams that come in a tube but will not lather include - Lab Series, Alba and Burts Bee's. You have already gotten some great recommendations on the soap so I am not going to touch on that. I have never used a stick so the only thing I can say there is the most popular brand is from Arko.

    Brushes come in two varieties - board and badger. The badgers cost more but are better quality.

    Personally I have tried over thrity different brands of blades before slecting the one that works best for me and I would r ecommend you do something similar. I would recommend that you go off to West Coast Shaving or Conguaght Shaving and buy a sampler pack and try them all to see what suits you best.

    The after shave - while not strictly necessary it helps keep things a bit more interesting.

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