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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Mama Bear, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    I need a 'real' brush for testing my products at home... I have been recommended the C&E brush by many, but I am open.. anyone have a good spare soap brush and want to do a trade??
  2. Will

    Will Nevermind

    I will give you my AoS GBB. I don't use it that much and plan on picking up the C&E BBB.

    However for soaps I recommend just going to Target and getting the Omega Boar Brush, that is what I use on your soaps (actualy I use that brush for everyting now). Heck I will just run to Target an pick up another one for ya.
  3. Bandg

    Bandg New Member

    I've got an omega boar that I seldom use and will send you when my package arrives should you like. That might save the purchase of a new, and work for both of us. Let me know if intersted. I think it has been used about 3 times. It hides behind my soaps under the counter.:D Regards, Bradley
  4. PottyDoctor

    PottyDoctor Jeff Foxworthy of Shaving

    Mama Bear,

    In my review, here at the Shave Den, of the C&E Best Badger Brush I suggested that all soap/cream manufacturers should have a "Standard" brush for testing and evaluating their products. If they should perhaps voluntarily decide to do so, it would also allow the manufacturers to discuss the lathering properties of their product with the wetshavers who use it and we would all "be on the same page" for such a discussion and/or evaluation, so far as the brush is concerned.

    The reason I suggested the C&E BBB is that it is an affordable, high quality brush that is widely available, receives high ratings by the majority of wetshavers, is likely owned by more wetshavers than any other brush and it works well on both soaps and creams.

    The C&E BBB therefore would make a nice "Standard" by which wetshavers could compare, judge and evaluate stiffness, scrubbiness, knot size, lather making performance, brush life, etc.

    I have no reason to promote C&E or anything they sell; I don't work for them and have no financial interest in such a suggestion. It is merely my two cents worth, FWIW.
  5. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    Ron, I didn't catch that review and I am heading over there to see it as soon as I get done typing. That brush seems to be mentioned over and over again, not only for the price but also for the quality.

    I have a boar brush but have often thought I should be using a badger as that was what the gentlemen all seem to be using... but now a number of folks are saying that the boar seems to work better on glycerin soaps.. is this true gents? How interesting!

    More than anything I wanted to test my lather the same way most people are making it... and the CE brush seemed like it might fit the bill, or any other badger for that matter... Your insight into having a standard is brilliant Ron and I couldn't agree more!

    Where do I go from here...?? :cool:

    Bear Hugs!
  6. Will

    Will Nevermind

    I like a boar on soap but that is just me.

    Got to gets me that BBB brush. :D
  7. PottyDoctor

    PottyDoctor Jeff Foxworthy of Shaving

    Boar? Badger? Boar Badger?

    I've seen pure badger, best badger, finest badger, super badger, silvertip badger, finest silvertip badger, high mountain white badger...but I've never seen a Boar Badger Brush advertised anywhere. It could certainly have it's advantages....but I won't go there! Gotta' keep this G.

    What do ya' get when you cross a boar and a badger? A boarger!

    What kind of brush does boarger hair make? One that's high on the hog!

    Couldn't resist bein' a little silly with this one. It was just too good of an opportunity.

    But all seriousness aside, I think you should have both a boar and a badger brush in your laboratory. Just don't let them get too close....ROFL!!! :rofl
  8. qhsdoitall

    qhsdoitall Wilbur

    I use the Omega Boar on your soaps Mama Bear. It brings up the lather quicker and still works nice on the face. I reserve the badger brushes for creams. I can't fault the C&E BBB though. It's a great all purpose brush.
  9. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear New Member

    Doc has a care package coming.... he is sending me a AoS Badger... and I can't wait.. I feel like it is my first shaving brush and I am so excited!!
  10. PottyDoctor

    PottyDoctor Jeff Foxworthy of Shaving

    You oughta' be excited! Latherin' is the favorite part of the shave for me. I love it! I love makin' it, I love slatherin' it on! I'd lather even if I couldn't shave!

    Let us know how your new badger works out.

    PottyDoctor....who's headin' to the den to slather some lather!
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