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Discussion in 'The Brush' started by jtspartan, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Tanuki

    Tanuki Well-Known Member

    Between the taper, the thinness of the step down, and the soft wood, I did not think to even try a chuck. On a hardwood blank, I might need new jaws for my chuck for those diameters. I don’t own any bowl turning jaws. If I needed to make bunches of thin disc-like objects I would be looking for a better setup.

    I turned these lids with the worse side of the blank (surface cracks, bad splinters, thick black weathering) screwed to a faceplate. There was so much waste built into the blanks that I didn’t mind throwing a lot of ‘wood’ (speaking loosely) into the burn box.

    Incidentally, some of the black crust on the outer surfaces smelled pretty weird when I was taking it down. I was glad to be turning outside to avoid breathing any of the dust.
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  2. 9nein9

    9nein9 El Scratcho

    Nice work!!
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  3. Tanuki

    Tanuki Well-Known Member

    Thanks! My first flat items. Now I’m thinking about a wooden shave bowl, not that I need one.
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  4. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    I made that handle for loft experimentation purposes. I hope you are enjoying it. Cork is a great idea for a spacer. I'll have to keep that in mind.

    I've thought of doing a shave bowl. I've only ever turned 1 very small bow and that was in a class.
  5. Tanuki

    Tanuki Well-Known Member

    I love that brush! The olive wood is amazing and your finish is perfect. I rotate about 8 brushes through the cabinet above my shaving sink. Except that brush. It never leaves the den. I just give it two or three days to dry completely, then I use it again.

    I’m nosing around, trying to decide what glass or plastic item to use to line a shave bowl. If I turn it out of that century-old fir I better keep it dry inside, even with a robust finish applied.
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  6. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    If you completely coat the whole thing i think you would be fine. Especially with proper care. If you line it you are more likely to have issues because water can get stuck between the lining in the wood.
    My Grandma had some really cool woven wooden laminated bowls. They lasted forever. Wish I knew what they where finished with and where they went. I would like a set of them.
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  7. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    Very nice. Not having the Mugs handy would make fitting very tough. Good job doing it without. With bowls that have matching lids, I always just fit the bowl to the lid while the lid is still on the lathe.
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  8. Tanuki

    Tanuki Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Three of my mugs have very similar dimensions, so I just duplicated the step down/taper on two of those lids. Making my oversize chess set gave me a lot of practice on duplicating. If I get ambitious about bowls and lids I had best get some appropriate jaws for my chuck.
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  9. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    I've liked the Gem Jr. Bar Elite handle since the first time I saw it. I've been thinking about making a similarly shaped handle for myself and finally got around to making it today.

    The brass thread is removable to fit a variety of razor types.

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  10. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    That is awesome. Did you use a pen blank, or did you pour the resin yourself? Did you buy a threaded bolt or did you repurpose a threaded top from another handle?
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  11. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    It's a TruStone pen blank with a little price od turquoise colored acrylic on top. I made the brass insert from 1/4" brass stock drilled and tapped. The male thread is a piece of 10/32 brass threaded rod with 8/24 threads I recut withna die on one end to adapt to the Older SE razor heads. A friend gave me the threaded rod and the dye for cutting the 8/24 threads
    I made him a handle in return. Once he gets it I will post pictures.
    I also made another custom handle but it was not made on the lathe so I wasn't going to post it here.

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  12. brit

    brit in a box

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  13. The situational shaver

    The situational shaver Well-Known Member

    Lovely handles indeed, mate.
    Carry on!
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  14. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    My new friend has received this handle so now I can post pictures. He kindly sent me the die along with a die holder and some brass threaded rod for making adapter screws.
    He didn't expect anything in return but I wanted to make him this handle in return.




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  15. Tanuki

    Tanuki Well-Known Member

    Sunny and low 70s today. Time to turn outdoors.

    Black walnut and black badger, stubby

    Pearwood and mixed badger/boar knot. Shot from a flattering angle. I wanted a big knob at the bottom, for the barber with large hands. Now I really want that knot to bloom and balance it out.
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  16. KUSTOM

    KUSTOM Well-Known Member

    Supporting Vendor
    Shop clean up week...
    Bits of chopped up resin overpours here in a very lightly pearled clear resin.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Shavings from a previous drill-out in clear resin. There's a tiny bit of thinned out Purple Pearl on the bottom. This one is extra tall because the blank looked so cool I couldn't bring myself to cut it down to the usual height. That's a chunk of Sapele on top. Beautiful wood- one of my favorites.

    It's good to use up this stuff I've been pushing around for so long.
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  17. jtspartan

    jtspartan appropriately stimulated, via Netflix

    That is a great idea! I haven't thought of keeping the little chunks around. Sapele is a personal fave as well, I've used it for quite a few brushes.
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  18. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    The first one looks like old fashion candy the second one is just plain beautiful!!

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  19. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    The first one looks very interesting and I absolutely love the second one.
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  20. GAW9576

    GAW9576 Well-Known Member

    A good friend wanted another brush. He picked up this hybrid blank and the knot and asked me to make a brush of similar shape and size to one I previously made him.

    This was my first time turning a hybrid blank. It was a little tricky in spots but overall went pretty good.

    The knot is a 26mm Two band badger from Maggard's.

    IMG_20200704_145857082.jpg _IMG_000000_000000.jpg IMG_20200704_145843426.jpg IMG_20200704_145824078.jpg
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